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Venetian 2nd Rates

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Venetian 2nd Rates (50-60 guns)


The Second Rates displacement was originally c 1200 tons, in early 1690s increased to 1400 tons, again in late 1710s to 1500 tons, and again to c.1850 tons in 1770s (7 ships built including tow completed for France). From the second half of the XVIII century Second Rates were classified as Fregata grossa.

First Second Rates were armed probably in the same calibre of guns as First Rates but less guns per deck. These were 20 pdrs on gundeck, 14 pdrs on upper deck and 9/12 pdrs on quarterdeck. From the Second Morean War (1714-1718) Second Rates were armed with 30 pdrs on gundeck, 20 pdrs on upper deck and 9/12 pdrs on upper deck.


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Original Name (nickname) Guns Shipyard Constructor Start End Class Fate
Drago Volante 60 Venezia Paolo di Ottavio Corso 1674-mar-21 1694-feb-9    
Fama Volante 50 Venezia Zuanne di Piero de Pieri 1674-mar-21 1699-feb-14    
Venere Armata 52 Venezia Pietro di Zuanne de Pieri 1686-aug-21 1702-aug-20    
Venezia Trionfante 60 Venezia Paolo di Ottavio Corso 1678-oct-4





Ercole Vittorioso 50 Venezia Paolo di Ottavio Corso 1684-mar-14 1719-sep-23    
San Marco Grande 60 Venezia Iseppo di Pietro de Pieri 1684-mar-16 1690-mar-25    
San Nicolo 54 Venezia Stefano Conti 1685-apr-4 1717-dec-18    
Sant'Andrea 60 Venezia Zuanne di Piero de Pieri 1685-apr-4 1721-jan-17    
Sant'Iseppo ? Venezia Antonio Filetto 1685-apr-8 1690-mar-25    
Sacra Lega 60 Venezia Benedetto di Zamaria Gambillo 1688-feb-7 1720-aug-7    
San Domenico 60 Venezia Paolo di Ottavio Corso 1686-feb-27 1709-may-17    
Rosa (Rosa Moceniga) 60 Venezia Iseppo di Piero de Pieri 1693-mar-23 1721-jan-17    
Fede Guerriera (Guerriera) 56 Venezia Giacomo de Zorzi Grando 1695-mar-13 1720-aug-7    
Fenice 56 Venezia Filippo di Zuanne de Pieri 1695-mar-21 1720-aug-7    
Aquila Volante (Aquiletta) 50 Venezia Antonio Filetto 1697-apr-13 1727-oct-31    
San Francesco 60 Venezia Zuanne di Francesco Piccolo da Venezia 1714-feb-27





San Pietro Apostolo 60 Livorno VE_bought 1715-may-2 1733-nov-12    
Nostra Signora del Rosario ? Genova VE_bought 1715-jul-17 1720-aug-7    
San Spiridion 72 Venezia Zuanne Scobozzi 1717-dec-16





Idra 58 Venezia Francesco di Anzolo De Ponti 1717-dec-6 1737-aug-3    
Falcon 62 Venezia Zuanne Battista de Zorzi 1717-feb-23




San Zaccaria 62 Venezia Antonio Testarossa 1717-feb-23





San Pietro d'Alcantara 58 Venezia Zuanne di Francesco Venturini 1718-may-16




Cigno 60 Venezia Antonio di Piero Masserini 1718-may-14 1733-sep-15    
Venezia Trionfante 50 Venezia Zuanne Battista de Zorzi 1725-nov-25 1745-mar-31    


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