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USMA Tyrannicide (1776)

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Tyrannicide, 14 Guns

Nationality American
State Navy Massachusetts State Navy
Launched 1776/00/00 B037
Shipyard Salisbury B037
Rate Sloops
Type Brigantine
Out Service 1779/08/14 B037
Fate Scuttled B037

No Details Known

Total Guns 14

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1776/07 75 B037

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1776/07 Unknown Captain John Fisk B037
1777/03 1778/08 Captain Jonathon Haraden B037
1778/07/10 1779/04/29 Captain John Allen Hallet B071
1779/05/01 Unknown Captain John Cathcart B037
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1777/03/10 1777/11/08 First Lieutenant Israel Thorndike B071
1777/03/10 1778/09/12 Lieutenant Benjamin Moses B071
1777/09/15 Unknown Lieutenant John Bray B071
1779/04/01 1779/05/01 Lieutenant John Cathcart B071
Warrant Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1776/10/26 1777/03/10 Master Benjamin Moses B071
1777/02/22 Unknown Master Benjamin Lovett B071
Petty Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1777/02/24 1778/02 Mate John Marsh B071

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1776/07/08 Sailed on her first cruise B037
1776/07/12 Took the packet Dispatch B037
1776/07/12 Present at the Action of 1776-07-12  
1776/08 Cruised, taking four prizes and being chased by a British frigate B037
1776/10/29 Started a new cruise having been re-rigged as a Brig instead of as a Schooner B037
1777/03/24 Sailed on cruise to the coasts of Ireland, England, and France in company with the Massachusetts B037
1777/04/02 In company with the Massachusetts took the ship Chaulky in latitude 41 30 north and longitude 45 west B037
1777/04/08 Took the bark Lonsdale after a three hour engagement B037
1777/05/17 Engaged by an English ship, escaping to Bilbao by throwing her guns overboard B037
1777/08/30 Arrived in Boston B037
1778/03/30 Sailed from the West Indies for home B037
1778/05 Arrived in Boston B037
1778/09/25 Took the letter of marque brig Juno B037
1779/03/09 Sailed from Nantasket Roads for Martha's Vinyard, but encountered a gale off Cape Cod and ran off to the southward B037
1779/03/29 Took the privateer Revenge B037
1779/03/31 Took the privateer brig Revenge (14) SSA
1779/04/25 Arrived in Boston having taken two further prizes B037

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1776/07/12 Action of 1776-07-12

Notes on Ship
Captain Fisk's report on the capture of the Dispatch, 17th July 1776 A Naval History of the American Revolution
This may serve to acquaint your Honours that in latitude 40 26 north, longitude 65 50 west, I fell in with the armed schooner Despatch from Halifax, bound to New York; and after an engagement of one-and-a-half hour, she struck to the American arms. I boarded her and found on board eight carriage guns and twelve swivel guns, twenty small arms, sixteen pistols, twenty cutlasses, some cartridges, boxes, and belts for bayonets, nine half-barrels powder, all the accoutrement for said cannon. The Commander and one man were killed, and seven others wounded. The crew consisted of thirty men and one boy. I lost one man killed and ten wounded, and my vessel was much shattered, which obliged me to return with my prize, which I have at anchor in Salem Harbour, and wait your Honours orders how to proceed with the prisoners. All the Captain s papers and orders were thrown over board.

Id Link or Description Author
B037 A Naval History of the American Revolution Gardner W Allen
B071 Beverly privateers in the American revolution Octavius Thondyke Howe
SSA Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution Jack Coggins

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