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USF United States (1797)

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United States, 44 Guns



Nationality American
Ordered 1794/03/26 W012
Launched 1797/05/10 W012
Shipyard Philadelphia W012
Designer Joshua Humphreys W012
Constructor William Doughty W012
Rate Frigate  
Type Frigate  
Out Service 1862 W012
Fate Broken Up W012


W012   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 175' 0" US Feet  
Breadth 43' 6" US Feet  
Depth in Hold 23' 6" US Feet  
Burthen 1,576 Tons BM  


1797 W012 Broadside Weight = 888
Quarterdeck 16 American 42-Pounder Carronade
Forecastle 8 American 42-Pounder Carronade
Upper Gun Deck 32 American 24 Pounder


Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1797 364   W012


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1797/07/11 1801/06/06 Captain John Barry W012
1810/06 1814/04 Captain Stephen Decatur W012
1815 1819/06/19 Captain John Shaw W012
1841 1843 Captain James Armstrong W050


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1836-05-01 1838/11/22 Midshipman George Henry Preble Vintage Marine Images
1798 1800 Lieutenant John Mullowney Tall Ships
1798   Lieutenant James Barron B174
1809 1812 or 1813 Lieutenant William Henry Allen B174
1812   Lieutenant Benjamin W. Booth W052
1812   Lieutenant Foxall A. Parker W052
1812   Lieutenant George B. M'Culloch W052
    Midshipman Stephen Decatur, Jr. B180
    Midshipman Charles Stewart B180
    Midshipman Richard Somers B180
1812   Midshipman I. A. D. Brown W052
1812   Midshipman James H. Freeman W052
1812   Midshipman John H. Graham W052
1812   Midshipman Charles W. Minchin W052
1812   Midshipman Frederick Pearson W052
1812   Midshipman Jesse Smith W052
1812   Midshipman Abramham Ten Eyck W052
1812   Midshipman Henry Tardy W052
1812   Midshipman John P. Tuttle W052
1812   Midshipman Charles L. Williamson W052
1812   Marine Captain William Hall W052
1812   Marine 1st Lt. Henry Olcott W052
1813/11 1814/04 Lieutenant Matthew Perry W059
1817/03/05   Lieutenant Isaac Levy W060
1841 1843 Lieutenant James L. Henderson W050
1841 1843 Lieutenant David F. Dulany W050
1841 1843 Lieutenant Latham B. Avery W050
1841 1843 Marine 1st Lt. George W. Robbins W050
1841 1843 Midshipman John M. Brooke W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Fred T. Baldwin W050
1841 1843 Midshipman John T. Barnard W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Edward T. Carmichael W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Samuel R. Franklin W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Henry C Hunter W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Frederick A. Hallett


1841 1843 Midshipman John J. Hanson W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William Jeffries, Jr. W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Alonzo C. Jackson W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William P. Jones W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Henry H. Key W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Leonard H. Lyne W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William K. Mayo W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Lucius M. Mason W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Robert K. Patton W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William T. Patton W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Robert W. Scott W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Byrd W. Stevenson W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William Sharp W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William P. Toler W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William Van Wyck W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William H. Wilcox W050
1841 1843 Midshipman William C. West W050
1841 1843 Midshipman Theodore L. Walker W050


Warrant officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
    Master's Mate John Tharpa The American Tars in Tripolitan Slavery
1812   Surgeon Robert S. Kearney W052
1812   Surgeon's Mate Pliny Morton W052
1812   Purser James H. Clark W052
1812   Master Thomas W. Story W052
1812   Gunner James Foster W052
1812   Carpenter Zaccheus R. Fuller W052
1812   Carpenter John Nicholson W052
1812   Sailmaker Samuel Pierce W052
1841 1843 Surgeon William A. Parker W050
1841 1843 Purser Richard T. Maxwell W050
1841 1843 Purser Morris B. Beck W050
1841 1843 Purser Edward Fitzgerald W050
1841 1843 Chaplain Theodore Bartow W050
1841 1843 Language Teacher Henry H. Lockwood W050
1841 1843 Boatswain William Hoff W050
1841 1843 Gunner Asa Curtis W050
1841 1843 Carpenter James Meads W050
1841 1843 Sailmaker J. Faxon W050



Service Record
Date Notes Source
1798/07/13 Left for Maiden Voyage to Boston in company with Delaware W012
1798/07/26 Left Boston for the Caribbean W012
1798/08/21 Arrived at Bridgetown but left again after three hours W012
1798/08/22 Took the French privateer Sans Pareil (10) off Guadeloupe W012
1798/09/04 Took the French privateer Jalouse W012
1798/09/18 Entered the Delaware W012
1798/10/17 Left for a cruise off the New England coast W012
1798/10/30 Returned to the Delaware after a tempest had forced her south W012
1798/10/30 Departed for the West Indies, where John Barry was to command as Commodore W012
1799/02/03 Sank the French Privateer Amour de la Patrie (6), taking fifty-eight prisoners W012
1799/02/22 Exchanged his prisoners for Americans with the French at Guadaloupe W012
1799/02/26 Chased the French privateer Democrat and her prize - retook the prize, but Democrat escaped W012
1799/04/19 Left the Caribbean as convoy for thirty merchantmen W012
1799/05/10 Arrived at New Castle, Delaware W012
1799/07/06 Left New Castle for Hampton Roads W012
1799/07/22 Arrived at Hampton Roads W012
1799/08/13 Left Hampton Roads in company with Insurgent W012
1799/09/12 Anchored off Newport, Rhode Island W012
1799/11/03 Left for France with American Commissioners on board W012
1800/04 Returned to New York W012
1801/04/28 Arrived Chester, Pennsylvania after a short cruise in the Caribbean W012
1801/05/17 Moved to the fledgling Washington Navy yard W012
1801/06/06 Laid up in ordinary W012
1809 Recommissioned W012
1810/06/10 Sailed to Norfolk, Virginia for refitting W012
1812/06 Put to sea as part of Commodore John Rodgers' squadron W012
1812/08 Returned to Boston W012
1812/10/12 Left Boston as part of Commodore John Rodgers' squadron W012
1812/10/15 Parted company and cruised independently W012
1812/10/25 Fought and took Macedonian (38) near Medeira W012
1812/12/04 Arrived in New York with her Prize W012
1813/05/24 Left New York in company with Macedonia and Hornet W012
1813/06/01 Driven into New London, Connecticut by a powerful British squadron with Macedonian and Hornet W012
1815/09/03 Left Boston for the Mediterranean where she stayed for four years W012
1819/06/09 Arrived in Hampton Roads W012
1819/06/19 Decommissioned and laid up at Norfolk W012
1824 Recommisioned as part of the Pacific Squadron W012
1828 Started extensive repairs at the Philadephia Naval Yard W012
1830 Placed in ordinary at the New York navy yard W012
1833 Became part of the Meditteranean squadron until 1838 W012
1839 Deployment with the Home Squadron until 1840 W012
1841 Underwent repairs at Norfolk W012
1842/01/09 Left Hampton Roads to become the Flagship of the Pacific Squadron W012
1843/08/17 In Honolulu W012
1844/10/14 Placed in ordinary at Boston W012
1846/08/18 Recommissioned into the African Squadron W012
1849/02/24 Decommissioned and placed in ordinary at Norfolk W012
1861/04/20 Captured by Confederate troops W012
1861/04/29 Commissioned as CSS United States (also known as Confederate States) W012
1861/06/15 Ordered turned into a receiving ship and armed with 19 deck guns as harbour defence  
1862/05 Sunk as blockship W012
1862/05 Raised by Union troops and towed back into the yard W012
1865/12/18 Ordered to be docked at Norfolk, VA and broken up  


Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
Pacific Squadron flagship      1841            1843          W050


Actions & Battles
Date Source
1812/10/25 action of 1812-10-25  


Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered


Id Link or Description Author
W012 Dictionary of American Fighting Vessels Unknown

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