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USF St Lawrence (1848)

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St Lawrence, 50 Guns

Nationality American
Laid Down 1826/00/00  
Launched 1848/00/00  
Shipyard Norfolk Navy Yard  
Rate Frigate
Type Frigate
Out Service 1875/12/31  
Fate Sold  

W012   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 175' 0" US Feet  
Breadth 45' 0" US Feet  
Depth in Hold 14' 5" US Feet  

1848 W012 Broadside Weight = 672
Gun Deck 42 American 32-Pounder
Gun Deck 8 American 8" Shell Gun

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1848 480   W012

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1848/08/17 1850/11/15 Captain Hiram Paulding W012
1851/02/05 1851/08/11 Captain Joshua R. Sands W016
1861/06/21 1863/05/30 Captain Hugh Y, Purviance W016


Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1850 1850 Lieutenant Daniel Ammen DB014
1852/07 1854/03 Acting Lieutenant Greenleaf Cilley DB014
1861 1862 Lieutenant James H. Gillis DB014
Warrant Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1856/09/20 1869/05/11 Assistant Surgeon George Peck DB014
1861/06/03 1862 Acting Master Henry F. Picking DB014
1862   Assistant Surgeon George H. Cooke DB014
1863 1864 Assistant Surgeon William K. Van Reypen DB014
Petty Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1848/07 1853/07 Midshipman Henry Erben DB014
1848/08/29   Master's Mate H. W. Foester W012
1853 1855 Midshipman William A. Kirkland DB014
1856 1857 Passed Midshipman William A. Kirkland DB014
1856 1867 Passed Midshipman John G. Walker DB014
1857 1859 Midshipman Robert L. Phythian DB014
1857 1859 Passed Midshipman Edward E. Potter DB014
1859 1859 Midshipman Charles W. Abbott DB014
1861 1862 Midshipman Charles Wurts Tracy DB014
1861 1862 Midshipman Bartlett J. Cromwell DB014
1861/06/07 1861/08/15 Acting Midshipman Charles Stanhope Cotton DB014
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1861/06/03 1863/05/30 2nd Lieutenant Richard S. Collum DB014
1861   Marine Pilot William Dolan W071

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1848/09/08 Sailed from Norfolk for Europe W012
1848/10/07 Arrived at the mouth of the Weser and was towed into Bremerhaven W012
1848/11/22 Left Bremerhaven W012
1848/12/02 Arrived in Southampton W012
1849/01/12 Arrived in Lisbon W012
1849/07 Returned to Bremerhaven W012
1849/07/19 Left Bremerhaven W012
1849/08/02 Left Copenhagen W012
1849/08/07 Arrived in Stockholm W012
1849/08/16 Left Stockholm W012
1849/12/03 Arrived at Port Mahon W012
1850/11/01 Arrived at Boston W012
1850/11/06 Arrived at New York W012
1850/11/15 Decommissioned W012
1851/02/05 Recommissioned W012
1851/02/20 Left New York W012
1851/08/11 Returned to New York and decommissioned W012
1851/11/18 Recommissioned W012
1851/12/12 Sailed for the Pacific W012
1855/02/07 Sailed from Valparaiso W012
1855/04/21 Arrived at Hampton Roads W012
1855/05/21 Decommisisoned and placed in ordinary at Norfolk W012
1856/09/22 Recommissioned for the Brazil station W012
1857/12/31 Sold to E. Stannard W012
1859/05/25 Decommissioned at Philadelphia W012
1861/06/21 Recommissioned W012
1862/03/06 Arrived at Hampton Roads and was badly damaged by the CSS Virginia W012
1863/05/30 Decommissioned at Portsmouth Navy Yard W012
1863/08/05 Recommissioned and sailed to Hampton Roads to become an ordinance ship W012
1865 Store ship at Norfolk W012
1865/12/12 Decommissioned W012
1867 Converted to a barracks ship W012
1875/12/31 Sold to E. Stannard at Norfolk W016

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed

Actions & Battles
Date Source
No Actions Listed

Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
W012 Dictionary of American Fighting Vessels Unknown

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