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USF Raleigh (1776)

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Raleigh, 32 Gun Frigate



Nationality United States of America
Authorised 1775-Dec-13  
Started 1776-Mar-21  
Launched 1776-May-21  
Shipyard Portsmouth NH  
Constructor Langdon and Hackett  
Rate Frigate  
In Service 1776-May  
Out Service 1778-Sep-28  
Fate Captured  
Became Raleigh  




Gun Deck Keel Beam Depth Draught Burthen Displacement Source
131' 5" 110' 7 3/4" 34, 5" 11' 0"   696 80/94   B057



Date Crew Guns Gundeck Quarterdeck Forecastle B/S Weight Source
1776 180 32 26 x 12 4 x 12 2 x 12 192lbs  



Date From Date to Name Source
1777 1778-Apr Thomas Thompson  
1778-May-30 1778-Sep-28 John Barry  



Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
    First Lieutenant Peter Shores *
    Second Lieutenant Josiah Shackford *
    Third Lieutenant Hopley Yeaton *
    Marine Captain John J. Osborne *
    Marine 1st Lieutenant Stephen Meeds *
    Marine 2d Lieutenant Nathan Twining *
    Midshipman John Frost *
    Midshipman Samuel McClintock *
    Midshipman Richard Littlefield *
    Midshipman Daniel Durgin *
    Midshipman Daniel Lang *

Warrant Officers

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source


Thomas Manning



John Jackson

*A list of crewmembers can be found in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record, Vol. III, July 1905-April 1906, pp. 19-30 and Vol. III, No. 2, pp. 65-76 (http://books.google.com/books?



Service record

1777-Aug-12 Put to sea
1777-Aug-15 Took and burnt a schooner carrying counterfeit money
1777-Sep-02 Took the Brig Nancy
1777-Sep-04 Closed with a convoy protected by Druid, forced to withdraw after a short engagement
1777-Dec-29 Sailed fro France in company with Alfred
1778-Mar-09 Was too distant to prevent the Alfred being taken
1778-Apr Returned to Boston
1778-Sep-25 Sailed for Portsmouth, Virginia with two merchantmen in convoy
1778-Sep-25 Two sail sighted and merchantmen ordered back to port
1778-Sep-26 Chased by two vessels, Unicorn and Experiment
1778-Sep-27 Seven hour running engagement with the two British vessels, the enemy hauled of at midnight and the Raleigh tried to hide amongst the islands of Penobscot Bay
1778-Sep-28 Engegement was renewed, the Raleigh running aground and being taken after most of her crew had managed to escape ashore by boat


Actions & Battles

Date   Source





W012 Dictionary of American Fighting Vessels
W013 DANFS Online
B037 A Naval History of the American Revolution (2 volumes)
B057 British Warships In The Age Of Sail 1714-1792 Rif Winfield





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