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USF Macedonian (1812)

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Macedonian, 38 Gun Frigate

Formerly Macedonian



Nationality United States of America
Laid Down    
Launched 1810-Sep  
Captured 1812-Oct-25  
Shipyard Woolwich  
Decks 1  
Rate Frigate  
In Service 1813-Apr  
Out Service 1828  
Fate Broken Up  




Gun Deck Keel Beam Depth Draught Burthen Displacement Source
161' 6"   40' 0" 18' 4"   1,325   W012
156'0"   38'9"   18'4"     W016



Date Crew Guns Gundeck Quarterdeck & Forecastle B/S Weight Source
1812 301 48 28 x 18 2 x 12, 2 x 9, 16 x 32C     as British


Flag Officers

Date From Date to Name Source
1822 1822 James Biddle DB012
1826 1828 James Biddle DB012



Date From Date to Rank Name Source
1812/10/25 1812/12/04 Lieutenant William H. Allen DB012
1813/04 1815 Captain Jacob Jones DB012
1816 1816 Captain Lewis Warrington DB012
1819 1821 Captain John Downes DB012
1822 1822 Commodore James Biddle DB012
1826 1828 Commodore James Biddle DB012



Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
1812   Lieutenant William Carter, Jr. W052
1814/12/9   Lieutenant  William A. Spencer  W052 
1814/12/9   Lieutenant Francis B. Gamble W052
1814/12/9   Lieutenant Thomas T. Webb W052
1814/12/9   Lieutenant George Vancleave W052

Warrant Officers

Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
1812   Acting Master William M'Night W052
1812   Surgeon Thomas Harris


1812   Boatswain John Dawson W052
1813/07/24   Purser Joseph North W052

Petty Officers


Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
1812   Midshipman Thomas S. Brown W052
1812   Midshipman Jonathan D. Williamson W052
1812   Midshipman William H. Bell W052
1812   Midshipman Richard A. Jones W052
1812   Midshipman John H. Lee W052
1812   Midshipman John Dennis, Jr. W052
1812   Midshipman Cornelius Stribling W052
1812   Midshipman Hugh S. Sweeney W052
1813/02/20   Midshipman Thomas E. Fenimore W052
1813/11/09   Midshipman James Hodges W052
1813/11/09   Midshipman James Spaulding W052
1813/11/12   Midshipman Matthew W. Stout W052
1814/03/30   Midshipman Cesar R. Wilson W052
1814/12/10   Surgeon's Mate Oliver Le Chevalier W052
1814/12/10   Surgeon's Mate John H. Steel W052
1826/05/26 1828/10/30 Surgeon's Mate Gustavus R. B. Horner G.R.B. Horner Papers


Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
1826/06/11 1828/10/30   William H. L. Poe W016


Date From Date To Rank/Position Name Source
1814/06/18   Captain William Strong W052
1815/03/01   2nd Lieutenant  Hen. W. Kennedy W052



Service record

1812-Dec-04 Arrived in Newport, Rhode Island as prize of United States
1813-May-24 Failed attempt to break British Blockade of New York
1815-May-20 Sailed for the Mediterranean
1815-Jun-17 Assisted in capture of Algerian frigate Mashuda (46)
1819-Jan Pacifc Squadron until March 1821
1821-Jun Returned to Boston
1826 Cruise against pirates in the West Indies
1826-Jun-11 Left Norfolk for the Pacific
1828-Oct-30 Returned to Hampton Roads
1828 Decommissioned and broken up at Norfolk Navy Yard



Actions & Battles

Date   Source





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W013 DANFS Online


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