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USF Bonhomme Richard (1779)

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Bonhomme Richard, 44 Guns

Nationality American
Purchased 1779/02/04 W012
Shipyard Purchased W012
Rate Frigate
Type Ship
Out Service 1779/09/25 W012
Fate Foundered W012

    Type Metric
Displacement 700 Ton
W012   Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 152' 0" Imperial Feet 46.33
Breadth 40' 0" Imperial Feet 12.19
Depth in Hold 19' 0" Imperial Feet 5.79
Burthen 998 Tons BM

1779 W012 Broadside Weight = 240
Gun Deck 28 French 12-Pounder
Lower Gun Deck 6 French 18-Pounder
Quarterdeck 4 French 6-Pound
Forecastle 2 French 6-Pound

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1779/02 375 W012

Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Captain John Paul Jones W012
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 First Lieutenant Richard Dale B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Lieutenant Robert Robinson W012
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Lieutenant Henry Lunt B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Lieutenant Edward Stack B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Lieutenant Eugene Macarty B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Acting Lieutenant John Mayrant B055
Warrant Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Acting Master Samuel Stacey B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Surgeon Laurens Brooke B055
1779/02/04 1779/09/25 Purser Mathew Mease B055

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1779/06/19 Sailed from L'Orient accompanied by Alliance, Pallas , Vengeance and Cerf  
1779/08 Took 16 merchant vessels prize W012
1779/08/14 Squadron left port again, having been forced back to port earlier  
1779/09/23 Present at the Battle of Flamborough Head, Severe casualties, estimates vary from 150 up  
1779/09/25 Sank due to damage taken on Sep 23rd W012

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
No Fleets Listed

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1779/09/23 Battle of Flamborough Head

Notes on Ship
General Notes

Originally a French East-Indiaman Duc de Duras

Armed for protection against pirates in far eastern waters She carried her guns on one deck, twenty-eight 12-pounders, with six lighter pieces, six-pounders, on the poop-deck and forecastle. Ports were cut in the gun room on the deck below where [John Paul Jones] mounted six 18-pounder guns.

Detached crew

Lieutenant Henry Lunt had been detached with a prize crew prior to the Battle of Flamborough Head

Id Link or Description Author
W012 Dictionary of American Fighting Vessels Unknown
B055 Paul Jones, Founder of the American Navy Augustus C Buell

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