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USC Alfred (1775)

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Alfred, 30 Guns



Nationality American
Purchased 1775/12/03 W012
Shipyard Purchased W012
Rate Sloop  
Type Ship  
Out Service 1778/03/09 W012
Fate Captured W012
Becomes Alfred


    Type Metric
Length of Gundeck 92' 0" Imperial Feet 28.04
Breadth 27' 0" Imperial Feet 8.23
Draught Aft 18' 0" Imperial Feet 5.49
Displacement 300 Imperial Feet 0
Burthen 440 Tons BM  


1775 W012 Broadside Weight = 120
Gun Deck 20 American 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck 6 American 6-Pounder
Forecastle 4 American 6-Pounder
1777/10/11   Broadside Weight = 90
Gun Deck 20 American 9-Pounder
1777/12/04   Broadside Weight = 108
Gun Deck 20 American 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck 6 American 6-Pounder
1778/03/09   Broadside Weight = 90
Gun Deck 20 American 9-Pounder


Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1775 220 Establishment? W012
1776/02/18 229    
1777/10/11 160    


Flag Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1775/12/03 1776 Commodore Esek Hopkins W012
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1775/12/03 1776/09/08 Captain Dudley Saltonstall  
1776/09/08 1775/09/08 Lieutenant Jonathon Pitcher  
1776/10/22 1777/01/19 Captain John Paul Jones  
1777/01/20 1778/03/09 Captain Elisha Hinman  


Service Record
Date Notes Source
1776/03/03 Part of flotilla that captured Fort Montagu - Nassau  
1776/04/04 Part of flotilla that captured Hawk - 6 guns schooner and Bolton - 8 gun bomb  
1776/04/06 In action against the Glasgow  
1776/04/08 Arrived New London, CT  
1776/10/18 Providence parted company in need of repair  
1776/10/26 Left Providence, RI in company with the Hampden which soon returned to port  
1776/10/28 Joined by the Providence with the former crew of the Hampden  
1776/11/11 Took Brig Active out from Liverpool  
1776/11/12 Took Armed Transport Mellish - carrying uniforms for British troops in Quebec  
1776/11/16 Took the snow Kitty  
1776/11/22 Ships boats burned a transport and captured small schooner at Canso - Nova Scotia  
1776/11/24 Captured three Colliers of Louisburg - bound for Nova Scotia  
1776/11/26 Captured the John of Liverpool - 10 guns - which was sailing under a letter of marque  
1776/12/15 Arrived at Boston and began a refit  
1777/08/22 Sailed for France in company with Raleigh  
1777/10/06 Arrived at L'Orient having captured four small prizes on route  
1777/12/29 Sailed for America - taking a small sloop of the west coast of Africa  


Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
First American Flottilla 1775 Esek Hopkins 1775/12/03 1776/00/00  


Actions & Battles
Date Source
No Actions Listed


Notes on Ship
Original Name  
Originally a Merchantman called the Black Prince 1774/09 in Philadephia
First American Naval vessel  
The first and largest ship to be commisioned into the Continental Navy, and was the flagship of the first American naval flotilla
It is possible that the Alfred may have been constructed by John Wharton.


Id Link or Description Author
W012 Dictionary of American Fighting Vessels Unknown
001 American War of Independence at Sea Unknown

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