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Grand Duchy of Tuscany Ships

Grand Duchy of Tuscany Naval flag 1737

Grand Duchy of Tuscany Naval flag (1749-1765)



Grand Duchy of Tuscany's ships will be refered by HHGDTS - His Highness Grand Duke of Tuscany's Ship - before ship´s name.

These abbreviations will distinguish same ship´s name from different nations and government warships from pivateers or privately-owned merchantmen.

The Duchy, then Grand Duchy of Tuscany gained access to a port with the conquest of Pisa in 1406.

The first effort to constitute Tuscanian navy was Cosimo I, who had ordered to build the navy arsenal in 1540s. In 1552 the Militia Marittima di Toscana was formed with four galleys in patrol duty.

There were two navies in Tuscany - the Navy of Grand Duchy of Toscany and of the Order of Santo Stefano (Religione del Sacro, Militare e Marittimo Ordine di Santo Stefano Papa e Martire).

Latter, one was created in 1561 by Cosimo I consecrated by the Pope Pius IV with the main purpose of fight against barbaric piracy.

With the increasing power of the Grand Ducal navy the Order's navy was limited to only 2 galleys. In 1750 the Order navy was dissolved by the Grand Duke Francesco Stefano of Lorrain. Earlier, with the death of the last Grand Duke of Medici family, Gian Gastone in 1737 the Grand Ducal navy also practically ceased to exist.

In 1766 the Navy was re-established by the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorrain. On April 4th, 1860 the Tuscanian Navy was incorporated into the Royal Sardinian Navy.



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Name Guns Built by Shipyard Start End Type Fate
Aquila 20     1766 1778 frigate  
Austria 36     1766 1778 frigate  
Etruria 36     1766 1778 frigate  
Rondinella 18     1766 1778 corvette  




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