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To do list

Page history last edited by ManuBlasco 14 years, 6 months ago


Things to do 


Characters templates?
Battle template?
Battles index & flags?
Spanish navy data update 6th rates
Spanish navy index
Update spanish navy abstracts
Publish Russian Squadron (done?)
Cross link data between spanish vessels
Update spanish ship's data with documents from Naval Museum.
Order dutch ships index and folders by rates & %
Update dutch ships with John's & Ron's data
Update alphabetical index from pages
Update Naval Ranks with Albert's data
Update format Venetian ships with data on PDF
Try to follow the above list!?!?


Update American ship page names with launch date
Finish list of all English/British vessels
Lists of small & single ship actions
Update British Hired Merchantmen lists
English/British vessels in alphabetical order - 1 page per letter (theres a lot) -
(completed on 30/05/2008)
Reformat Battles of the First Anglo-Dutch war
United States vessels in alphabetical order
United States Ship Builder Pages
United States Dockyards Pages
United States vessels of the States Navies
United States privateers
Add Royalist Vessels of the Civil War Period
Add British Shipyard & Royal Dockyard information
Rename all British Ship Pages to include Launch date
Update all British Ship links to match above
Add new page for British ships on the Great Lakes
Add new page for French ships on the Great Lakes
Whatever else has taken my fancy today



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