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Swedish Naval flag (pennant)


Swedish ships will be refered by HSMS - His/Her Swedish Majesty's Ship - before ship´s name.

These abbreviations will distinguish same ship´s name from different nations and government warships from pivateers or privately-owned merchantmen.



SWEDEN Navy Characters Shipyards Ships per Classes



Ships per Rates Guns Decks Abbreviation
1st Rates +90 2-3



Ships of the line HSMS 

2nd Rates 80-88 2
3rd Rates 66-78 2
4th Rates 32-64 1-2
5th Rates 16-44  1 Frigates HSMF
6th Rates 12-24  1 Corvettes HSMC
Unrated <30  1 Unrated Vessels HSMUS



The Virtual Royal Swedish Navy web





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