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Spanish Armadas

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Spain divided for many centuries (XIV-XVIII) his naval forces into Armadas (or fleets), to protect his domains.

Each one with a naval base or department with specific purpouses.


Galeras (Galleys)In 1560, fifty galleys, most of them italian, were defeated by turkish Djerba galey's fleet from Tripoli. King Felipe II ordered the construction of galley's fleets and establisments to protect and patrol mediterranean coasts spanish domains. In 1570 Spain had 150 galleys, divided between the following departments or bases.
CartagenaSpanish galley naval base, later moved to Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz. Patrolled between Argel and the Strait of Gibraltar.
GenoaPatrolled between Genoa and north of Spain coasts.
NaplesPatrolled between Genoa and Sicily.
SicilyThe smallest one, patrolled only Sicily nearby waters.


Nueva EspannaEstablished at Veracruz, Mexico, scorted ships between Veracruz and La Habana.
Tierra FirmeEstablished at Portobelo, Panama, scorted ships between Portobelo and La Habana.
FlandesEstablishe at Dunkerke, France, was used as naval and mitilary base to control spanish domains at Netherlands.
BarloventoCreated in 1595, this naval base stablishment fought pirates from Caribbean till Florida (Note 1).
Mar del SurEstablish at El Callao (Peru), patrolled west coast of South American waters, from Cape Horn to Mexico.
Mar OceanoThe biggest Armada, created in 1590 and assigned to patrol Atlantic waters, was divided into 3 squadrons.
EstrechoBased in Cadiz, patrolled and scorted Strait of Gibraltar naval trafic.
LisbonBased in Lisbon, patrolled between Cape St. Vincent, Cape Finisterre and Azores Islands.
VizcayaBased in La Corunna, patrolled Atlantic north coast of Spain.
Carrera de IndiasCreated in 1576 and the last one in disapear, scorted ships from Filipinas to El Callao (Peru).


Note 1: For many years, Spain denoted Carebbean islands as Barlovento islands.


Thanks to Selina research, published at todoavante.s3.multiforos.es

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