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Spanish 2nd Rates

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Spanish 2nd Rates (80-94 guns & 2-3 decks)

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Original Name (nicknames/year: renamed) Guns Shipyard Start End Class Fate
N S de la Concepcion 90 Pasajes 1662 16?? Galleon ?
N S de la Concepcion y las Animas 90 Colindres 1690-jul-22 1705 Galleon  Broke up
Santisima Trinidad 80 Colindres 1699 1706 Galleon  Broke up
San Felipe (Real San Felipe) 80 Sant Feliu 1717 1718-aug-11   Blow up
Gran Princesa de los Cielos (N S de Loreto) 80 Bought 1723-oct-02 1726-apr-01   Sunk
San Felipe 80 Guarnizo 1726 1741-apr-06   Scuttled
Santa Isabel 80 Guarnizo 1730 1747   Broke up
Fenix (San Alejandro) 80 La Habana 1749 1780-jan-16 Rayo Captured
Rayo (San Pedro Apostol) 80/100 La Habana 1749-jun-28 1805-oct-22 Rayo Captured
San Carlos 80 La Habana
1762 n.f.   Broke on stocks
San Carlos 80/112 La Habana 1765 1829 San Carlos Broke up
San Fernando (Real Familia) 80/94 La Habana 1765 1813-oct-08 San Carlos Sold
San Luis 80/94 La Habana 1767-sep-30 1789   Broke up
San Vicente Ferrer 80 Cartagena 1768-apr-22 1797-feb-17 San Vicente Scuttled
San Nicolas de Bari 80 Cartagena 1769 1797-feb-14 San Vicente Captured
Neptuno (San Francisco Javier) 80 El Ferrol 1795-nov-26 1805-oct-22 Neptuno Wrecked
Argonauta 80 El Ferrol 1798-jun-28 1805-oct-22 Neptuno Wrecked
Emprendedor 86 El Ferrol 1800 n.f.   Never finished
Neptuno 80 Captured 1808-jul-14 1820   Broke up
Reina Donna Isabel II 86 Cadiz 1852-mm-00 1870-mm-00 Soberano Broke up
Rey Don Francisco de Asis 84 El Ferrol 1853-sep-18 1861-mm-00 Soberano Broke up


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