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Spanish 1st Rates

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Spanish 1st Rates (+100 guns & 3 decks)

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Original Name (nicknames/year: renamed) Guns Shipyard Start End Class Fate
Real Felipe 114 Guarnizo 1732 1751/2 none  Broke up
Rayo (San Pedro Apostol) 80/100 La Habana 1749-jun-28 1805-oct-22 Rayo Captured
San Carlos 80/112 La Habana 1765 1829 San Carlos Broke up
Santisima Trinidad (La Real, Trinidad) 116 La Habana 1769-mar-02 1805-oct-22 none  Wrecked
Purisima Concepcion (Concepcion) 112 El Ferrol 1779 1810-mar-09 Concepcion Burnt
San Jose 112 El Ferrol 1783 1797-feb-14 Concepcion Captured
Santa Ana (Santana) 112 El Ferrol 1785-feb-28 1816 Meregildos Striken
Mejicano (Mexicano, San Hipolito) 112 La Habana 1786-jan-20 1813-oct-08 Meregildos Sold
Conde de Regla (N S de Regla) 112 La Habana 1786-nov-04 1811 Meregildos Broke up
Salvador del Mundo (Salvador) 112 El Ferrol 1787-may-02 1797-feb-14 Meregildos Captured
Real Carlos (Santiago) 112 La Habana 1787-nov-04 1801-jul-12 Meregildos Blew up
San Hermenegildo (Meregildo) 112 La Habana 1789-jan-20 1801-jul-12 Meregildos Blew up
Reina Maria Luisa (San Luis, 1809: Fernando VII) 112 El Ferrol 1791-sep-12 1815-dec-09 Meregildos Wrecked
Principe de Asturias (Los Santos Reyes) 112 La Habana 1794-jan-28 1812 Meregildos Striken
Real Familia 114 La Habana 1801 - Meregildos?  Never finished
Real Borbon 118 none 1819 - Meregildos?  Never started


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