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Revenge Class (1796)

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Revenge Class

Class Details
Nationality British
Approved 1796/10/27
Designer John Henslow
Rate Third Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Designed Crew 590
Ships in Class 1

Designed Dimensions
Dimension   Type Metric Source
Length of Gundeck 181' 11" Imperial Feet 55.45 B064
Length of Keel 150' 01/2" Imperial Feet 45.73 B064
Breadth 49' 2" Imperial Feet 14.99 B064
Depth in Hold 20' 9" Imperial Feet 6.32 B064
Burthen 1,91883/94 Tons BM B064

Designed Armament
Location Quantity Type Source
Lower Gun Deck 28 British 32-Pounder B064
Upper Gun Deck 30 British 24-Pounder B064
Quarterdeck 14 British 9-Pounder B064
Forecastle 4 British 9-Pounder B064

Ships in Class
Launch Date Name
1805/04/13 Revenge

General Notes
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield

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