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Portuguese 3rd Rates

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Portuguese 3rd Rates (60-68 guns - 2 decks)

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Original Name (nickname/renamed & year) Guns Shipyard Start End Class Fate
Sacramento 60 Porto 1650 1669 Galleon Wrecked
N S da Ajuda 60 ? 1660 1673 Galleon Burnt
Satissimo Sacramento 60 Porto 1667 1668-may-05 Galleon Wrecked
Sao Joao de Deus 60 Bahia 1691 1706    
N S da Gloria 60 Porto 1692 1707   Broke up
N S da Estrela 60 Bahia 1694 1722   Broke up
Salvador do Mundo 60 ? 1699 1706    
N S da Assuncao 66 ? 1705 1731    
Sao Jorge (N S das Necessidades) 66 ? 1708 1737    
N S da Piedade 66 ? 1711 1725    
N S das Angustias 66 ? 1713 1713    
Santa Rosa 66 Bahia 1716 1726-sep-06   Wrecked
N S da Gula 66 Bought 1717 1719   Wrecked
N S da Luz 66 Bought 1717 1720   Broke up
N S Madre de Deus e Sao Joao Evangelista 66 Lisbon 1717-jul-25 1734    
N S da Vitoria 64 Lisbon 1720-sep-17 1730-jan-03   Burnt
N S do Livramento e Sao Francisco Xavier 66 Bahia 1723-jan-21 1735-oct-18    
Santo Antonio 64 Bahia 1724-aug-00 1725    
Santa Teresa de Jesus 66 Bahia 1724-aug-00 1735-nov-19    
N S da Estrela 64 Lisbon 1729-aug-11 1736-mar-20   Broke up
N S da Boa Viagem 60 Lisbon 1734-sep-28 1752   Broke up
N S da Arrabida 62 Lisbon 1736-jul-09 1744-feb-23   Broke up
N S da Oliveira de Guimaraes 60 Porto 1737-oct-09 1747-dec-14   Broke up
N S Madre de Deus e Santo Antonio 64 Lisbon 1740-oct-21 1749-dec-26    
N S da Nazare 60 Lisbon 1744-jun-25 1755   Broke up
Sao Jose e N S da Conceicao 60 Lisbon 1748 1767-nov-14    
N S do Livramento e Sao Jose 60 Lisbon 1749-sep-12 1762-dec-01   Broke up
N S da Assuncao 64 Lisbon 1757-apr-25 1762-nov-18   Sold

N S de Ajuda e Sao Pedro de Alcantara (Princesa da Beira 1793)

68 Lisbon 1759-mar-29 1834   Sold
N S do Monte do Carmo 64 Bahia 1760-feb-02 1774-aug-08   Wrecked
Sao Jose e N S das Merces 64 Lisbon 1761-mar-21 1793-dec-19   Wrecked
N S Madre de Deus e Sao Jose 64 Lisbon 1761-jul-07 1780-jul-22   Broke up

Santo Antonio e Sao Jose (Inf. D. Pedro Carlos 1794, Martim de Freitas 1806)

64 Bahia 1763-jan-29 1822   Sold
N S do Bom Sucesso (D. Joao de Castro 1800) 64 Lisbon 1766-jul-24 1822   Sold
Sao Sebastiao 64 Rio 1767-feb-08 1832   Broke up
N S dos Prazeres (Alfonso de Albuquerque 1797) 64 Lisbon 1767-jul-26 1822   Sold


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