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Portuguese 2nd Rates

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Portuguese 2nd Rates (70-74 guns - 2 decks)

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Original Name (nickname/renamed & year) Guns Shipyard Start End Class Fate
N S do Pilar (Padre Eterno) 70 Bahia 1715 1740   ?
N S da Penha de Franca 70 Lisbon 1717-jan-00 1730   ?
N S do Cabo e Sao Pedro de Alcantara 72 Bought 1717 1721   Captured
N S da Conceicao 74 Lisbon 1733-jun-12 1745   ?
N S da Vitoria 74 Lisbon 1735-aug-19 1746-apr-06   Stranded
N S da Esperanca 70 Lisbon 1735-nov-18 1742-nov-19   ?
N S da Gloria 74 Lisbon 1737-apr-30 1752-feb-24   Wrecked
N S das Necessidades 70 Lisbon 1747-feb-25 1763-apr-08   Broke up
N S da Conceicao e Sao Jose 72 Lisbon 1751-nov-22 1764   ?

N S do Pilar (Conde Dom Henrique, 1793)

74 Lisbon 1763 1822   Sold
Santo Augustinho 74 Captured 1777-apr-20 1777-oct-01 Nepomuceno Returned
N S do Monte do Carmo (Medusa) 74 Lisbon 1786-aug-24 1823   Sold
Coracao de Jesus, Maria I 74 Lisbon 1789-dec-18 1810-mar-04   Wrecked

Rainha de Portugal (Cabo de Sao Vicente, 1833)

74 Lisbon 1791-sep-28 1848   Broke up
Principe do Brasil 74 Bahia 1802-sep-12 1822   Broke up

Dom Joao VI (N S dos Martires, Sao Joa Principe Regente)

74 Lisbon 1816-aug-24 1852   Broke up


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