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Philip Lewis J Rosenhagen

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Officer of the British Navy


Philip Lewis J Rosenhagen

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Personal Details
Date of Death 1813/04  
Naval Service Events
Ship Date From Date To Event Source
Promoted to Lieutenant, 7th September 1795 W032
Sophie 1802/04 1805/07 As Captain B064
Promoted to Commander, 29th April 1802 W032
Sophie 1803/04 Recommissioned B064
Sophie 1805 In the Mediterranean B064
Volage 1805/07 1810/02 As Captain B064
Promoted to Post Captain, 22nd January 1806 W032
Volage 1807/09/08 Completed at Plymouth B064
Volage 1807/10/11 Sailed for the Mediterranean B064
Volage 1807/11/06 Took the cutter Succes (10) in the Mediterranean B064
Volage 1808/07/28 Took La Requin (16) off Corsica B064
Volage 1809/09/06 Took L'Annunciate (2) B064
Volage 1809/09/20 Took the privateer La Jason (6) B064
Resistance 1810/07 1813/01 As Captain B064
Resistance 1810/07 Recommissioned for the Mediterranean B064
Personal Events
Date Event Source


Notes on Officer
Orders from Nelson The dispatches and letters of vice admiral Horatio Nelson


Victory, at Sea, 19th March, 1804.

You are hereby required and directed to proceed immediately with his Majesty's Sloop La Sophie under your command to Rendezvous No. 97, under Cape St. Sebastians, where you will find his Majesty's Ship Juno, and on doing so, you will deliver my most secret letter, which accompanies this, to Captain Richardson ; but should you not fall in with the Juno after cruizing on the above Rendezvous with the utmost activity for the space of forty-eight hours, you are to proceed to Gibraltar, and deliver the whole of my Public dispatches, which you will herewith receive, to Commissioner Otway at that place. After having so done, you will remain at Gibraltar forty-eight hours for such dispatches as Lieu- tenant-General Sir Thomas Trigge and Commissioner Olway may have to send to me, and afterwards proceed, without loss of time, to Rendezvous No. 97, where you will find me, or orders for your further proceedings. In the event of your falling in with a Spanish Fleet or Squadron, either in your way to Gibraltar, or on your return, you are to be very careful in not approaching too near them, and instantly return to me with an account thereof on the above Rendezvous, No. 97. You are to receive Captain Whitby, late of the Belleisle, his servant, baggage, &c., with any other person he may have to take'with him, and give them a passage to Gibraltar, victualling them, on a supernumerary list, the same as your Sloop's Company during their continuance on board.

Nelson And Bronte.


Id Link or Description Author
  The dispatches and letters of vice admiral Horatio Nelson Sir Nicholas Harris Nicolas
W032 Commissioned Sea Officers of the Royal Navy David Bonner Smith
B064 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1793-1817 Rif Winfield

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