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Papal State

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Papal (Pontifical) Ships

Pontifical Navy flag


Papal ships will be referred as HHFS - His Holy Father's Ship - before ship's name.

These abbreviations will distinguish same ship´s name from different nations and government warships from pivateers or privately-owned merchantmen.

The Pontifical Navy (Marina Militare Pontificia) was formed by the John VIII (875-881) and ceased to exist when the main naval base Civitavecchia was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in 1870. Untill 1815 the Navy ships were united with the Merchant Navy under supervision of Prefetto di S. Angelo as commisario del mare. In 1798 twelve the most valuable ships were taken by Napoleon to meet their fate at Aboukir on August 1st, 1798. With the return of the Pope Pius VII to Rome on May 26th, 1814 the Navy was reorganized passing under control of the Camerlengo di Santa Romana Chiesa. In 1817 a Custom Service was formed. In 1828 the Presidenza delle Armi was constituted and the navy passed under its control.



Papal Navy Characters


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Original Name Guns Built by Shipyard Start End Type Fate Notes
San Lorenzo 50-60     ?   Ship of the line?    
Fenice 50-60     ?   Ship of the line?    
Porco Spino 50-60     ?   Ship of the line?    
Burlando 50-60     ?   Ship of the line?    
San Benedetto     Civitavecchia April-1747   galley    
San Paolo 30   Bought April-1754 <1762 Frigate Hulk Built at London
San Pietro 30   Bought April-1754 <1762 Frigate Broke up Built at London
San Carlo 32   Civitavecchia 1762 1782 Frigate Sold Sold 1779*
San Clemente 32   Civitavecchia 1762 1779 Frigate Sold Sold 1779*
San Giovanni       1780   corvette    
San Pio       1780   corvette    
Capitana       <1793   galley    
Patrona       <1793   galley    
San Pietro       <1793   galley    
San Andrea       <1793   galley    
San Petronio       <1793   galley    
San Giovanni       <1793   coast guard    
San Pio       <1793   coast guard    
San Ferdinando       <1793   launch    
San Francesco       <1793   launch    
San Luigi       <1793   launch    
Santa Fermina       <1793   launch    
San Pietro 14
Thomas King
Dec-1802 1807
brigantine Broke up
Former HMS Speedy
San Paolo       1802 c 1815 brigantine    
San Pietro     Civitavecchia 1823   schooner    




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