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Matthew Aylmer

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Officer of the British Navy

Matthew Aylmer, 1st Lord Aylmer of Balrath


Personal Details

Date of Birth1650
Place of BirthMeath, Ireland
Father's NameSir Christopher Aylmer (???? - September 1671)
Mother's NameMargaret Plunkett (???? - 4 December 1683)
MarriedSarah Ellis (???? - November 1710
ChildHenry (1701 - 26 June 1756)
ChildElizabeth (1710 - ????) - Married John Norris
ChildLucy (???? - 18 February 1767)
BrotherSir Gerald Aylmer, 2nd Bart of Balrath (???? - June 1702)
BrotherCaptain George Aylmer
SisterCatharine Aylmer
Date of Death18 August 1720
Place of DeathGreenwich Palace (001)


Naval Service Details



1678Charles GalleyPlaced by the Duke of Buckingham, to whom he was a page (b051)



19 January 1679Chatham Sloop (B051)
16 November 1679Date Tree (B051)
15 May 1680Castle - Fireship (B051)
27 July 1680SwanSent to Tangier (B051)
20 January 1682TygerSent home with articles of peace concluded between Admiral Herbert and the Algerines (B051)
31 June 1685Appointed to the Mediterranean (B051)
7 October 1688Charles Galley (B051)




11 October 1688SwallowAppointed captain (B051)
1688SwallowTook a vessel belonging to the Prince of Orange's fleet with four companies of Colonle Babbington's regiment on board (B051)
1 January 1689MaryAppointed captain (B051)
11 May 1689MaryAt the battle of Battle of Bantry Bay
10 July 1690Royal KatherineAt the Battle of Beachy Head
1690Royal KatherineCommodore of a fleet sent to escort the Smyrna convoy home (B051)
3 June 1692Royal KatherineAt the Battle of La Hogue (B051)


Rear-Admiral of the Red

18 February 1693Royal SovereignCommissioned and hoisted his flag (B051)


Vice-Admiral of the Blue

1694Appointed (B051)
1694In the Mediterranean under Admiral Edward Russell (B051)
May 1696ElizabethCommanded the squadron carrying King William to Holland (B051)
1697Appointed commander of a squadron to cruise off the coast fo France (B051)


Vice-Admiral of the Red

1698Appointed Vice-Admiral of the Red and Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean (B051)
18 August 1698BoyneHoisted his flag (B051)
10 September 1698BoyneSailed from Spithead
5 Novmber 1698BoyneArrived in Cadiz, where the fleet spent the winter (B051)
March 1699BoyneSailed to Algiers (B051)
1 October 1699BoyneReturned to Cadiz (B051)
27 October 1699BoyneArrived at Plymouth (B051)
1699Quit the service on the resignation of Earl of Orford (B051)


Admiral of the Fleet

12 November 1709Appointed
26 January 1710Replaced by Sir John Leake
5 November 1714Reappointed
Decemeber 1716Commanded the fleet carrying King George I from Holland (B051)



Other Details

1694Appointed a commissioner of the Navy (B051)
1695Elected as Whig Member of Parliament for Portsmouth (001)
January 1696Lost his parliamentary seat on a petition (001)
1697Elected as Whig Member of Parliament for Dover, retaining his seat until 1713 (001)
1701Made Governor of Deal castle (B051)
1715Elected as Whig Member of Parliament for Dover, retaining his seat until 1720 (001)
6 November 1714Appointed Governor of Greenwich hospital
27 April 1717Appointed a commissioner of the Navy (B051)
29 March 1718Quit his post as commissioner of the Navy (B051)
1 May 1718Appointed Rear-Admiral of England and created Lord Aylmer of Balrath (B051)
1720Held the office of Keeper of Greenwich Castle (001)
1720Held the office of Ranger of Greenwich Park (001)


Actions & Battles

11 May 1689Battle of Bantry Bay
10 July 1690Battle of Beachy Head
3 June 1692Battle of La Hogue





001The Peerage.com
B051Biographia NavalisJohn Charnock

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