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Dutch Naval flag



Dutch ships will be refered by DNS - Dutch National Ship - before ship´s name.

These abbreviations will distinguish same ship´s name from different nations and government warships from pivateers or privately-owned merchantmen.

After 1813, with the reinstatement of the monarchy this changed to HDMS - His/Her Dutch Majesty's Ship, but we are not going to use it because it is already in used by the Danish Navy and also, the Royal Navy term was not used until 1905. Nowadays, Royal Netherlands Navy uses HNLMS.


DUTCH Navy Officials Constructors Shipyards Ships per Classes


Dutch Admiralties Amsterdam Friesland Maze Noorderkwartier Zeeland



Dutch ships per Rates Guns Decks Abbreviation
1st Rates + 80 2-3





2nd Rates 70-78 2
3rd Rates 60-68 2
4th Rates 50-58 2
5th Rates 40-48 2
6th Rates 32-44 1 DNF - Frigates
7th Rates 20-30 1 DNC - Corvettes
8th Rates < 20 1 DNUS - Unrated ships
Hired Vessels - 1-2 DHV - Hired Vessels
VOC Vessels - 1-2 VOC - East Indian Company




Note: Dutch ships had a National Rating system (charter), from 1st till 8th.



Dutch 1782-sep-30 Navy Rates & Size

Dutch 1700s Navy Rates & Costs


Many thanks to Ron van Maanen & John Tredrea research.



Dutch East Indian Company web (VOC)

Ron van Maanen.

John Tredrea.


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