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Hired Ships 1645-1667

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Hired and Purchased Ships 1650-1667



Till 1667 the backbone of the Venetian sailing battle fleet was composed of hired ships mainly Dutch and British. In 1658 ships were acquired in Holland





#NameOriginal NameGunsCountry of originStartEnd
MSRHS Zardin d'OlandaHollandsche TuynNetherlands
MSRHS Arma di CologniaWapen van KoelnNetherlands
MSRHS Arma di MiddelburgoWapen van MiddelburgNetherlands
MSRHS San PietroSint PieterNetherlands
MSRHS Arma di LechWapen van LechNetherlands
MSRHS ScozeseJamesScotland
MSRHS Tre ReDrie KoningenNetherlands
MSRHS San Giorgio GrandeGroote Sint JorisNetherlands
MSRHS Aquila d'OroGouden ArendNetherlands
MSRHS ConcordiaEendrachtNetherlands
MSRHS Casa di NassauWapen van NassauNetherlands
MSRHS San Zorzi PiccoloKleene Sint JorisNetherlands
MSRHS Aquila CoronataGekroonde ArendNetherlands
MSRHS Orsola BonaventuraUrsula BonaventureEngland
MSRHS Anna BonaventuraAnne BonaventureEngland
MSRHS Lepre RossoRoode HaasNetherlands
MSRHS Isabella MariaElizabeth MaryEngland
MSRHS Tomaso FrancescoThomas and FrancisEngland
MSRHS LionessaLeeuwinNetherlands
MSRHS David GoliaDavid en GoliadNetherlands
MSRHS Re DavidKoning DavidNetherlands


Note. The above list is not complete, only ships with former name included

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