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HCMS Vencedor (1755)

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Vencedor (2nd), 68/74

San Julian, Obispo de Cuenca

Argonauta (3rd) (1808)

Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1752-jun-15  
Started 1752-mm-00  
Named 1752-jul-15 b8
Launched 1755-jun-11 s1
Shipyard El Ferrol  
Plans Jorge Juan  
Constructor Guillermo Turner ?
Constructor Ricardo Rooth  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class 12th Apostles  
System British  
Crew 442-534   
In Service 1755-jun-11  
Out Service 1806-dec-18  
Fate Transfered
Next Argonaute  
Nationality Captured  
In Service 1808-jun-14  
Out Service 1810-oct-31  
Fate Wrecked  


Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Burgos ft. 191'4"10'" 160'0"9'" 52'7" 25'2"11'" 26'7" 1,698 Tn. s2
Meters 55.00 45.99 15.11 7.25 7.64 2,578 m3 (s2)


Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
68 1755 28 24 30 18 10 8 - 646 lbs (316 Kg.)
74 1794 28 24 30 18 16 8 - - 670 lbs (328 Kg.) s2
74 1796 28 24 30 18 14 8 2 4o 666 lbs (326 Kg.) s2
74 1808 28 24 30 18 16 8 670 lbs (328 Kg.) w2?





1758-mmm-00   Captain D. Francisco Javier Everardo de Tilly y Paredes.  
1759-aug-29   Captain D. Antonio Rodriguez Valcarcel.  
1770-mmm-00   Captain D. Adrian Caudron de Cantin.  
1777-mmm-00   Brigadier D. Francisco Hidalgo de Cisneros.  
1780-aug-00   Captain D. Jose de Castejon y Villalonga.  
1794-apr-02   Captain D. Isidoro Garcia del Postigo. s2
  1795-oct-25 Captain D. Juan Vicente Yannez.  
1795-oct-26 1796-sep-00  Captain D. Salvador de Medina. s2 
1796-sep-00   Captain D. Dionisio Alcala Galiano.  


Service Record

1758-mm-00 Patrolled waters off Argel, with Hector (70) & Soberano (70), capturing Argelian Castillo Nuevo (60).  
1759-aug-29 Left Cadiz to Naples for future King of Spain, Charles III.  
1759-oct-19 Entered at Barcelona.  
1760-dec-00 At Cartagena.  
1761-apr-14 Left Cadiz to La Habana under Admiral Hevia's fleet of 5 SoL with troops.  
1761-jun-27 Arrived to La Habana.  
1762-may-14 Left La Habana with Castilla (64) to meet & scort Tridente, Flora & Aguila from Veracruz.  
1762-jun-00 All entered at Veracruz due to british assault to La Habana.  
1770-mm-00 At Cartagena.  
1770-nov-00 Left Cartagena to Cadiz, with supplies & ammunitions for Atlante.  
1771-jun-00 Left Cadiz to Cartagena.  
1771-jun-00 Entered at Cartagena.  
1777-mm-00 Left El Ferrol to Cartagena with San Eugenio carring 60 midshipmen.  
1777-mm-00 Joined Admiral Gaston's fleet.  
1779-jun-00 With Admiral Gaston's fleet, joined Cordoba's fleet for the 1st Campaign of the British Channel.  
1779-sep-00 Entered at Brest.  
1779-dec-00 Left Brest under Gaston's fleet.  
1780-jan-23 Entered at El Ferrol.  
1780-aug-00 Joinned Adm. Cordoba's fleet, captured a british convoy of 53 ships.  
1781-mm-00 2nd Campaign of the British Channel.  
1782-oct-21 Battle of Cape Spartel  
1794-mm-00 Left to Liorna to scort Prince of Parma to Barcelona.  
1794-apr-02 Left Cartagena.  
1794-may-11 Entered at Cartagena.  
1794-may-17 Left Cartagena to Rosas bay with 112 soldiers.  
1795-jun-16 At Cartagena, commissioned to Cadiz navy department.  
1796-jan-06 Left Cartagena to Cadiz.  
1796-jan-13 Entered at Cadiz.  
1796-sep-00 At Cadiz, under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet.  
1797-mm-00 Blocked at Cadiz by the british.  
1797-dec-00 In ordinary at Cadiz, the crew assigned to among other Adm. Mazarredo's ship.  
1799-mm-00 Travelled to La Habana and Veracruz.  
1800-mm-00 At Santonna.  
1801-mm-00 Travelled to La Habana and Veracruz.  
1802-mm-00 Returned back to Cadiz, Spain.  
1805-mm-00 At Cadiz in ordinary.  
1806-feb-01 Finished careen at La Carraca, Cadiz and commissioned.  
1806-dec-18 Transfered to France and renamed Argonaute in exchange of french Argonaute (74) that was at Cadiz not repaired from Trafalgar.  
1807-mm-00 At Cadiz under french flag.  
1808-jun-14 Captured at the Battle of Cadiz, remaining his former french name as Argonauta under spanish flag.  
1810-sep-28 Left Cartagena to Mahon with Rodney transporting 60 british seamen.  
1810-oct-28 Suffered a storm, breaking the rudder & the water bombs, lost contact with Rodney.  
1810-oct-31 Run ashore and wrecked off Sardinia's coast due to storm damages, 14 men died.  


Actions & Battles

1782-oct-21 Battle of Cape Spartel  
1808-jun-14 Battle of Cadiz  



All the french french crew & officials from french Argonaute (74) were transfered to Vencedor, renamed Argonaute.

Captured by the spanish forces at Cadiz, june 14th 1808.



s1 http://www.centrallibrera.com/burgoa/FerrolilustracionSarmientoIslaCuradeFruime.htm
s2 AGMAB, "Estados de Fuerza y Vida", 2235/49


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