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HCMS San Telmo (1788)

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San Telmo, 74


Graphic copyright of Juan Garcia from www.todoababor.es published here under his authorization.


Nationality Spanish
Ordered ?  
Started 1787 ?
Named ?  
Launched 1788-jun-20 b84
Shipyard El Ferrol b1,84
Plans Romero Landa b84
Constructor ? ?
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
System Landa b84
Class Ildefonsinos  
Crew 644  
In Service 1788-jun-20 b84
Out Service 1819-sep-02  
Fate Wrecked  



Units (meters) Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. 190' (54.60) 170' (48.85) 52' (14.94) 25' (7.18) 28'4" (8.14) 1,640 Tn.   b84



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
74 1788 28 24 30 18 16 8 - - 1,340 lbs (656 Kg.) b84
74 1789 28 24 30 18 16 8 2 4p 1,348 lbs (660 Kg.) b6




1819-mm-00 1819-sep-02 Captain D. Joaquin de Toledo   


Flag Officers

1819-mar-23 1819-sep-02 Commodore D. Rosendo Porlier. b84


Service Record

1789-apr-07 Left El Ferrol under Rear Adm. Tejada's evolution squadron 1 for naval testing. b84
1789-sep-26 Entered at El Ferrol under Rear Adm. Tejada's evolution squadron for naval testing. b84
1819-may-11 Left Cadiz to Lima, Peru with Alejandro I (74)Prueba (40) & merchant frigate Mariana  
1819-sep-02 Lost from the squadron due to a storm and wrecked nearby the Antartida.  




Was coppered at his construction.

Looks like the survivors from the ship were the first to step at the Antartida.

1 Rear Adm. Felix de Tejada's evolution squadron: San Lorenzo, San Francisco de Paula, San Telmo, Bahama, San Fulgencio, frigates N S de la Soledad, Santa Perpetua, N S del Carmen, Santa Elena, N S del Rosario & N S de Guadalupe, brigs San Leon, Cazador & Flecha.






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