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HCMS San Pascual Bailon (1766)

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San Pascual, 70/74

San Pascual Bailon


Nationality Spanish
Launched 1766  
Shipyard Guarnizo  
Plans Francisco Gautier  
Constructor Francisco Gautier  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class Nepomuceno ?
System French  
Crew 450  
In Service 1766  
Out Service 1797  
Fate Broke up  



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. l (m.) k (m.) b (m.) d (m.) d (m.) w (Tn.) D (Tn.)  



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
70 1766 ? 24 ? 18 ? 8 ? lbs lbs (Kg.)  
74 1783 ? 24 ? 18 ? 8 ? lbs lbs (Kg.)  





1779-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Commodore D. Ignacio Ponce.  
1781-mm-00 yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Luis Francisco Varona.  
1783-jul-00 yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Jeronimo Bravo.  



1781-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Commodore D. Buenaventura Moreno y Zavala's flagship.  
1783-jan-00 1783-mm-00 Admiral D. Juan de Langara's flagship.  


Service Record

1779-jun-00 1st Campaign of the English Channel.  
1779-sep-00 Entered at Cadiz at the end of the campaign.  
1780-mm-00 Siege of Gibraltar.  
1780-aug-09 Captured a british convoy under Adm. Cordoba's fleet near Azores Islands.  
1781-jul-22 Left Cadiz for the Campaign of Menorca.  
1781-aug-18 Siege & assault to Menorca.  
1783-jan-00 At Cadiz, ready to depart for the Jamaica Campaign, later suspendet by the peace.  
1783-jul-13 Left Cartagena to Argel under Adm. Barcelo's squadron.  
1783-aug-00 Siege & assault to Argel.  
1783-mm-00 Left to Istambul with Triunfante (74) for peace signature.  
1796-sep-00 At Cartagena, to be broke up or sold.  
1797-mm-00 At Cartagena, finally broke up with Velasco (74).  


Actions & Battles

1783-aug-00 Assault to Argel



Second ship of the Nepomuceno Class.


Sources (research by Santiago Gomez)

Juan. M. Castanedo Galán, "Guarnizo, un astillero de la Corona".

Juan Alsina Torrente, "Una guerra romántica, 1778-1783".

Antonio Ferrer del Río, "Historia del reinado de Carlos III en España", Tomo III.

Nemesio Mercapide Compains, "Crónica de Guarnizo y su Real astillero"


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