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HCMS San Juan Bautista (1717)

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San Juan Bautista (1st), 60


Nationality Spanish
Launched 1716  
Shipyard Pasajes  
Plans Antonio Gaztanneta  
Constructor Felipe Zelarain

Simon Zelarain

Decks 2  
Rate 4th Rates  
Class Guipuzcoanos  
System Spanish  
Crew 560 w2
In Service 1717-feb-00  
Out Service 1720-apr-00  
Fate Sunk  



Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Codos 70.5' (40.52) 60.5' (34.77) 18.5' (10.63) 9.25' (5.32)     832 w2



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
60 1717 26 18 26 12 8 6 422 (190 kg.) ?
60 1717 26 18 24 10 10 6   b199





1718-jan-23 1718-mmm-00 Captain D. Rodrigo de Torres y Morales.  
1718-mmm-00 1719-mmm-00 Captain D. Francisco Guerrero.  
1719-apr-06 1720-apr-00 Captain D. Juan de Cordoba y Lasso de la Vega.  


Service Record

1717-feb-00 Handed in to the Spanish Navy.  
1717-apr-07 Left Pasajes with San Luis, San Fernando & San Pedro to Cadiz. (1) GdM01
1717-jul-00 Still recruiting crew at Pasajes. s01
1717-jul-30 Left Pasajes to Cadiz alone. s01
1718-jan-23 Action vs. 3 dutch ships with Galera de Espanna near Cape Gata.  
1718-jan-00 Enters at Cadiz.  
1718-jul-19 Left Barcelona for the Campaign of Sicily.  
1718-jul-30 Arrived to Palermo.  
1718-aug-03 Sent to Malta with Hermione under Guevara's command.  
1718-aug-11 Joinned Admiral Gaztanneta's fleet at the end of the Battle of Cape Passaro.  
1718-nov-23 Entered at Cadiz with british captures; 1 frigate & 3 merchantmen.  
1719-apr-06 Left Cadiz to Veracruz with San Luis & San Jorge.  
1719-jun-00 All 3 arrived to La Habana.  
1719-jun-00 Left La Habana to Veracruz with more ships. (2)  
1719-jul-05 All arrived to Veracruz. (2)  
1720-apr-15 Left Veracruz to La Habana with gold, San Luis & a merchantment.  
1720-apr-00 Sunk before arrive to La Habana due to heavy winds storm with San Luis.  


Actions & Battles

1718-aug-11 Battle of Cape Passaro



(1) Looks like the ship could not depart with the other 3 due to lack of crew as it was planned, as seen at letters from s01.

(2) The squadron was formed by: San Juan Bautista (60), San Luis (60), N S de Begonna (54), San Jorge (50) & Principe de Asturias (30).



GdM01 Gazeta de Madrid (13/04/1717)
s01 Volumen I Catalogo documentos de Vargas Ponce, Tomo I, Doc. 162, folio 214; Pilar San Pio Aladrén y Carmen Zamarrón Moreno


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