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HCMS San Isidro (1730)

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San Isidro (2nd), 60

San Isidoro (2nd)



Nationality Spanish
Started 1728
Launched 1730
Shipyard Guarnizo
Plans Antonio Gaztanneta
Constructor Cipriano Autran

Pedro Boyer

Decks 2
Rate 4th Rates
System Spanish System
In Service 1730
Out Service 1743-mar-02
Fate Wrecked




Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
60 1730                    
64 1730                    





1732-oct-00 Flagship of Admiral D. Francisco Javier Cornejo.
1741 Captain D. Ignacio Dauteville.
1743 Captain D. Monsieur de lage de Cueilly.
1743-mar-02 Captain D. Gil Fernando de Lage




Service Record

1731-jan-00 Arrived to El Ferrol with Adm. Cornejo's fleet.
1731-apr-20 Left El Ferrol to Cadiz with 6-7 more ships/merchantmen.
1731-aug-21 Left Cadiz to Barcelona with more ships to join Adm. del Mari's fleet.
1731-oct-17 Left Barcelona with Adm. del Mari's fleet to Liorna.
1731-mmm-00 At Liorna disembarked troops.
1732-jun-18 Left Alicante to Oran under Adm. Cornejo's fleet.
1732-jun-29 Arrived to Oran and disembarked troops.
1732-sep-02 Entered at Cadiz with Adn. Cornejo]'s fleet.
1732-oct-00 Left Cadiz to El Ferrol with Santiago.
1732-oct-28 Entered at El Ferrol.
1734-may-00 At Cadiz.
1734-sep-28 Sunk 2 argelian ships with Guipuzcoa, Principe & Galga near Cartagena.
1735 Missions at italian coasts.
1736 Under Adm. Pizarro's fleet.
1736 Left Cadiz with 7 ships passing thru La Spezia and Liorna.
1739 At El Ferrol unarmed.
1740 At El Ferrol armed.
1741 At El Ferrol under Adm. Navarro's squadron left to Cadiz.
1741 Arrived to Cadiz.
1741-nov-15 Left Cadiz with Adm. Navarro's squadron to Barcelona.
1742-jan-14 Left Barcelona with Adm. Navarro's fleet to Toulon.
1742 At Italy.
1742-feb-23 Entered at Toulon, blocked by a british fleet.
1743 Arrived alone to Ajaccio with a mission from Toulon, damaged from storms.
1743-mar-02 His captain wrecks the ship at Ajjacio due to the presence of 8 british ships under Comodoro William Martin.



Actions & Battles

1734-sep-28 Action vs 2 Argelian ships





Archivo General de Simancas. Ubicación Anterior: SMA, 00436, 01. Signatura: MPD, 11, 010 

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