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HCMS San Ildefonso (1785)

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San Ildefonso, 74

San Yldefonso

Graphic copyright of Juan Garcia from www.todoababor.es published here under his authorization.


Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1784-feb-22 b6
Started 1784-mar-26 b6
Started 1784-may-00 b84
Named 1784-aug-10 b6
Launched 1785-jan-22 b6,84
Shipyard Cartagena  
Plans Romero Landa b6,84
Constructor Romero Landa b84
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class Ildefonsinos b6
System Landa  
Crew 505-746 b6,84
Cost 3,311,760 reales b6
In Service 1785-jan-22 b6,84
Out Service 1805-oct-22 b6,84
Fate Captured
Next Ildefonso 1816



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Burgos ft. 190' 52' 25' - 1,815 Tn. b6
Burgos ft. 190' 52' 25' - 1,619 Tn. b84
Burgos ft. 190' 167'2" 52' 25' 22'8" 1.815 Tn. s1
Meters 54.60 48.04 14.94 7.18 6.51 2,756 m3 (s1)



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
76 1785 28 24 30 18 16 8 2 4p 647 (330) b6
82 1799 28 24 30 18 16 8 4 4p 4 32o 742 (363) b6
84 1805 28 24 30 24 6 8 10 30o 6 24o 4 4p 800 (465) b6




1785-mar-00 1786-jan-09 Captain D. Ignacio Maria de Alava. b6
1786-jan-10 178?-mm-00 Captain D. Francisco Ruiz de Cardenas. b6
1788-apr-10 179?-mm-00 Commodore D. Fernando Daoiz. b6
1790-apr-13 1794-jan-25 Captain D. Domingo de Nava. b6
1794-feb-15 1794-may-15 Commodore D. Antonio de Escaño. b6
1794-may-16 1795-mm-00 Captain D. Jeronimo Bravo. b6
1795-apr-00 1795-mm-00 Captain D. Jose de Ezquerra y Guirior. b6
1795-jun-30 1795-sep-28 Captain D. Antonio Garcia del Postigo. b6
1795-sep-29 1797-mar-15 Captain D. Rafael Maestre. b6
1795-mar-16 1798-mm-00 Captain D. Manuel Victoria. b6
1798-dec-20 1800-mm-00 Captain D. Jose de Uriarte y Borja. b6
1800-feb-26 yyyy-mm-00 Captain D. Francisco Alcedo y Bustamante. b6
1804-nov-21 1805-feb-19 Captain D. Luis Antonio de Florez y Florez. b6
1805-jul-22 1805-oct-22 Commodore D. Jose Ramon de Vargas y Varaez. b6



1785-jun-00 1786-jan-09 Commodor D. Jose de Mazarredo's flagship. b6


Service Record

1785-jun-09 Left Cartagena to Argel with Nepomuceno (74), Sta Casilda (34) & Sta Brigida (34) for diplomatic commission & naval testing. b6
1785-aug-19 Entered at Cartagena from Argel with Nepomuceno, (74), Sta Casilda (34) & Sta Brigida (34) b6
1786-jan-09 At Cartagena, set in ordinary. b6
1788-apr-10 Left Cartagena to Cadiz with San Fulgencio & brig Galgo. b6
1788-apr-00 Arrived to Cadiz & joinned Com. Cordoba's squadron for naval testing. 1 b6
1788-may-00 Left Cadiz with Com. Cordoba's squadron for naval testing. 1 b6
1788-jun-00 Left Cadiz with Com. Cordoba's squadron for naval testing. 1 b6
1788-jul-15 At La Carraca, Cadiz, changed sails, careened & coppered. b6
1788-aug-00 Left Cadiz to Cartagena with San Agustin, (74) & San Leandro (64) b6
1788-sep-05 Entered at Cartagena with San Agustin (74) & San Leandro (64) b6
Entered at Cartagena with San Agustin (74) & San Leandro (64)
1788-sep-26 Left Cartagena with San Agustin (74) & San Leandro (64) for naval testing. b6
Left Cartagena with San Agustin (74) & San Leandro (64) for naval testing.
1788-oct-09 Entered at Cartagena with San Agustin, (74), San Sebastian (74), & San Leandro (64) & Asis (74) b6
Entered at Cartagena with San Agustin, (74)San Sebastian (74), & San Leandro (64) & Asis (74)
1788-oct-00 Set in ordinary at Cartagena. b6
1790-apr-13 Royal Order to set in commission for the Nutka incidents. b6
1790-may-26 Left Cartagena to Cadiz to join Adm. Socorro's fleet. b6
1790-mm-00 Left Cadiz with Adm. Socorro's fleet & cruissed over Cape Finisterre & north african coast waters. b6
1790-sep-08 Entered at Cadiz with damages. b6
1790-dec-21 Left Cadiz to Cartagena. b6
1790-dec-27 Entered at Cartagena.  Set in ordinary. b6
1792-mm-00 Modified internal structure & weights? b6
1793-mm-00 Commissioned, joined at Cartagena Adm. Borja's fleet there. b6
1793-may-06 Left Cartagena with Adm. Borja's squadron, conquering San Pedron & San Antioco islands. b6
1793-jun-00 Under Adm. Borja's squadron cruissed over Genoa & french coasts, supporting piadmontesse & neapolitan armies at river Var. b6
1793-jul-17 Entered at Cartagena with Soberano (74) due to crew sickness. b6
1793-aug-07 Left Cartagena to Toulon under Adm. Langara's fleet. b6
1793-aug-28 Arrived to Toulon under Adm. Langara's fleet. b6
1793-sep-00 Sieged of Toulon with Vice Adm. Hood's fleet. b6
1793-dec-19 Evacuation of Toulon, left to Cartagena with troops & royalist french civilians. b6
1794-jan-04 Entered at Cartagena with troops & royalist french civilians. b6
1794-mar-00 Left Cartagena to Liorna with french civilians & to Gaeta, neapolitan troops. b6
1794-apr-00 Joinned at Liorna Adm. Langara's squadron to bring to Spain future King of Etruria (Parma & Tuscany). b6
1794-may-11 Entered at Cartagena with Amd. Langara's squadron future King of Etruria to marry Maria Louisa of Spain. b6
1794-may-30 Left Cartagena to Rosas bay to support land troops. b6
1794-sep-18 Entered at Cadiz from Rosas.  Set in ordinary? b6
1795-apr-03 Royal Order to set repaired & in commission. b6
1795-apr-00 Left Cadiz to Portsmouth with gold. b6
1795-may-14 Entered at Cadiz from Portsmouth. b6
1795-may-16 Left Cadiz to Cartagena with 19 mil. reales, Marquees of Casa Tilly & his family. b6
1795-jun-04 Entered at Cartagena & joinned Adm. Langara's fleet at Cartagena. b6
1795-jun-30 Left Cartagena with Firme (74) b6
1795-aug-31 At Cartagena. b6
1796-jun-04 Left Cartagena with Nepomuceno (74) with artillery & ammunition to Barcelona. b6
1796-sep-01 Entered at Cartagena with San Francisco de Paula (74) & San Isidro (74) b6
1796-oct-05 Left Cartagena to Corsica & Italy under Adm. Langara's squadron. b6
1796-nov-00 Entered at Toulon with Adm. Langara's squadron. b6
1796-dec-00 Left Toulon with Adm. Langara's squadron & 12 french SoL. b6
1796-dec-20 Entered at Cartagena with Adm. Langara's fleet. b6
1797-jan-14 Left Cartagena with San Francisco de Paula (74) & Oriente (68) b6
1797-jan-30 Entered at Cartagena with San Francisco de Paula (74) & Oriente (68) b6
1797-feb-01 Left Cartagena to Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet of 27 SoL, frigates & other vessels. b6
1797-feb-14 At the Battle of Cape St Vincent did not engaged enemies. b6
1797-mar-03 Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet after the battle. His Cpt. D. Rafael Maestre was suspended for 3 years. b6
1797-dec-00 At Cadiz, careneed. Blocked by british. b6
1798-feb-06 Left Cadiz under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet chasing british blocking forces. b6
1798-feb-13 Entered back at Cadiz. b6
1798-mm-00 Blocked at Cadiz by Adm. Jervis' fleet. b6
1798-dec-20 Left Cadiz, avoiding british blocking forces with San Fulgencio (64) with troops, quicksilver & supplies. b6
1799-jan-23 Arrived to Cartagena de Indias with San Fulgencio (64) b6
1799-jan-00 Left Cartagena de Indias with San Fulgencio (64) to Veracruz. b6
1799-feb-07 Arrived to Veracruz with San Fulgencio (64) b6
1799-mar-28 Left Veracruz with San Fulgencio (64)? to El Ferrol. b6
1799-mm-00 Arrived to El Ferrol with San Fulgencio (64)? b6
1799-oct-15 Left El Ferrol to Veracruz & La Habana with quicksilver, paper & firearms. b6
1799-mm-00 Arrived to Veracruz and left to La Habana. b6
1799-mm-00 Arrived to La Habana. Set under Com. Aristizabal's squadron at La Habana. b6
1800-mm-00 Left La Habana with other SoL and a frigate to patrol nearby waters for british privateers. b6
1802-mm-00 After the peace with Great Britain, left La Habana to El Ferrol. b6
1802-jul-00 At El Ferrol, set in ordinary and careened. b6
1803-mmm-00 At El Ferrol in ordinary. b6
1804-mmm-00 At El Ferrol in ordinary. b6
1805-jun-00 At El Ferrol, ordered to set in commission, but due to bad state was set to careen & coopered. b6
1805-jul-21 Finished careen & coopered at El Ferrol. b6
1805-aug-08 Finished crew recruitmen & commissioned at El Ferrol. b6
1805-aug-13 Left El Ferrol to join Adm. Villeneuve's french-spanish combined fleet. b6
1805-aug-20 Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Villeneuve's french-spanish combined fleet. b6
1805-oct-20 Left Cadiz under Adm. Villeneuve's french-spanish combined fleet. b6
1805-oct-21 Captured at the Battle of Trafalgar b6
1805-nov-02 Entered towed by british Defiance (74) at Gibraltar. b6
1806-may-00 Left Gibraltar to Spithead with Bahama (74) & french Swift-Sure, scorted by Dreadnought (98) & Britannia (100) b6
1806-may-16 All arrived to Spithead, England. Served until 1816 as reception hull. b6
1816-jul-00 Broke up at Spithead. b6


Actions & Battles

1797-feb-14 Battle of Cape St Vincent
1805-oct-21 Battle of Trafalgar



First one of a class. His name comes from the gotic and means warrior. Is also the patron saint of the Spanish Royal Navy.

1Com. Cordoba's squadron: San Fulgencio (64), San Leandro (64), San Francisco de Asis (74), San Agustin (74), other vessels & brigs.

2Adm. Cordoba's fleet:



Jose Ignacio Gonzalez-Aller Hierro, "La Campaña de Trafalgar, 1804-1805. Corpus Documental" (b6)

"Jose Romero Fernandez de Landa, un ingeniero naval del siglo XVIII" (b84)

AGMAB, Estados de Fuerza y Vida, leg. 2235/41 (s1)

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