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HCMS San Hermenegildo (1789)

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San Hermenegildo, 112

El Meregildo

Graphic copyright of Juan Garcia from www.todoababor.es published here under his authorization.




Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1787-dec-18   
Launched 1789-jan-20 b84
Shipyard La Habana  
Plans Romero Landa  
Constructor Jose Flo w2
Decks 3  
Rate 1st Rates  
Class Meregildos  
System Landa  
Crew 878-1,018 b84
In Service 1789-jan-20 b84
Out Service 1801-jul-12 b84
Fate Blew up  




Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Burgos ft. 210' (60.34) - 58' (16.67) 27'6" (7.90)     b841
Burgos ft. 205'5" (59.03) 183'9" (52.80) 54'7" (15.68) 26' (7.47) 31' (8.91) 2,308 b842




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
112 1789 30 36 32 24 32 12 18 8 - - 1,188 (582) b23










Service Record



Actions & Battles

1801-jul-12 The Gut of Gibraltar



Only survived about 20 men from ship's crew. (b84)

1 Main dimensions.

2Arqueo (weight) dimensions.

3 By 1784 Royal Ordenances at wartime. At peace time, lower deck 36 lbs. replaced by 24 lbs.



b84 J.M. de Juan-Garcia Aguado, "Jose Romero Fdez. de Landa, un Ingeniero de Marina en el s. XVIII".
s1 AGMAB, 2235/41


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