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HCMS San Fernando (1765)

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San Fernando (4th), 80/94

Real Familia (2nd)



Nationality Spanish
Ordered ?  
Started ?  
Named ?  
Launched 1765 b1
Shipyard La Habana  
Plans Jorge Juan  
Constructor Mateo Mullan ?
Suplier ?  
Decks 2-3  
Rate 2nd Rates  
Class San Carlos  
System British  
Crew 834   
In Service 1765 b1
Out Service 1813-oct-08 s1
Fate Broke up s1
Out Service 1815 b1
Fate Sold b1



Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Burgos ft. 197' (56.61) 176' (50.57) 56' (16.09) 28' (8.05) ? 1,714 Tn. ?
Burgos ft. 197' (56.61) 176'10" (50.81) 56' (16.09) 28' (8.05) 28'6" (8.19) 1,600 Tn. s2
Burgos ft. 199'3" 179'2" 57'8" 27'3" 28'10" 2,047 Tn. s3
Meters 57.25 51.48 16.57 7.83 8.28 3,108 m3 (s3)
Burgos ft. 203' 175' 57' 28'6" 28'10" 3,242 Tn. s3



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
80 1765 32 24 34 18 14 8 - - 746 (360) ?
92 1793 30 36 32 18 26 8 4o 4 940 (460)
94 1794 30 36 32 18 32 8 4p 4 956 (468)
94 1798 30 36 32 18 32 8 4o 4 956 (468)





1767-jan-11   Captain D. Fernando de Loxtia s3
1779-jun-00   Captain D. Ignacio de Mendizabal.  
1782-mm-00 1782-oct-20 Captain D. Tomas Geraldino y Geraldino.  
1793-may-05 1793-may-12 Commodore D. Jose Moreno de Espinosa s3
1793-mm-00   Commodore D. Diego de Quiroga y Ulloa.  
1794-feb-24 1794-mar-13 Commodore D. Antonio Basunzos. s3
1794-mar-17   Commodore D. Francisco Delgado s3
1798-jan-27 1799-feb-02
Captain D. Jose de Ezquerra Guirior. s3 
1801-jul-12   Captain D. Joaquín de Molina.  



1794-feb-24 1794-mar-13 Rear Adm. D. Tomas de Gayanzos's flagship.. s3
1794-mar-17 1794-aug-14 Admiral D. Francisco de Borja's flagship. s3
1799-jan-04 1799-mar-07 Commodore D. Pedro Luis de Obregon y Ceballos's flagship. s3 


Service Record 

1766-mm-00 At Cadiz.  
1766-nov-00 Left Cadiz to El Ferrol with San Genaro  
1767-jan-11 Left Cadiz to El Ferrol s3
1767-mar-02 At El Ferrol? s3
1767-mm-00 Patrolled south of Viscay Bay with San Genaro & Campeon  
1779-jun-00 Blocked Lisbon with San Lorenzo  
1779-oct-00 Entered at Cadiz with San Lorenzo  
1780-mm-00 1st Campaign of Siege of Gibraltar.  
1781-aug-00 2nd Campaign of English Channel.  
1782-jun-00 Captured 52 british convoy near Cape St. Vincent.  
1782-jul-00 Entered at Cadiz.  
1782-oct-21 Battle of Cape Spartel  
1782-nov-00 At Cadiz with the fleet for the Campaign of Jamaica.  
1783-mm-00 At El Ferrol.  
1784-mm-00 Captured swedish brig Goyana Troya under Cpt. Isache Samberg.  
1793-may-05 Left El Ferrol to Cadiz. s3
1793-mm-00 Campaign of Toulon.  
1794-feb-24 Left Cartagena. s3
1794-mar-13 Entered Cadiz. s3
1794-may-17 Left Cadiz under Adm. Borja's fleet, left to Bay of Viscay. s3 
1794-aug-14 Entered Cadiz under Adm. Borja's fleet. s3
1795-may-00 Left Cartagena with Serio  
1795-may-12 Entered at Cadiz with Serio  
1795-jun-16 Left Cadiz to La Corunna with Serio transporting 6,000 men & guns.  
1798-jan-28 Left El Ferrol. s3
1798-jun-01 At El Ferrol. s3
1799-jan-04 Left El Ferrol as flagship1 with S Pedro de Alcantara, S Agustin, Monarca, Florentina, Sta Brigida, N S de la Paz & a brig. s3
1799-feb-02 Entered at El Ferrol back from Canary Islands with the above ships. s3 
1799-mar-07 Set to be careened at El Ferrol.  
1800-aug-25 At El Ferrol disarmed when british attacked El Ferrol.  
1801-jul-12 Action at the Strait of Gibraltar.  
1804-nov-00 At El Ferrol disarmed.  
1806-jul-00 At El Ferrol disarmed in need of careen.  
1808-jun-10 At El Ferrol, disarmed. Royal order to be broke up.  
1813-oct-08 Broke up by royal order. s1
1815-mm-00 Sold. b1


Actions & Battles 

1782-oct-21 Battle of Cape Spartel



(1) Transported troops & supplies to Canary Islands.


Sources (research by Santiago Gomez

Cesáreo Fernández Duro, "Armada española". Tomo VIII.

Juan Alsina Torrente, "Una guerra romántica, 1778-1783".

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José Ignacio González-Aller Hierro, "La campaña de Trafalgar. Corpus Documental".

Manuel Marliani, "Vindicación de la Armada española". (s1) 

Gervasio de Artiñano y de Galdácano, "La Arquitectura Naval española". (s2)
AGMAB, Estados de Fuerza y Vida, leg. 2235/40 (s3)

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