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HCMS Reina (1743)

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Reina (2nd), 70

Reyna (2nd)

Nueva España/Nueva Reina?

N S del Rosario y San Francisco de Paula



Nationality Spanish
Started 1742-may-01 b175 
Launched 1743-may-25 b175
Shipyard La Habana  
Constructor Pedro Torres   
Supplier La Habana Co. ?
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
System Spanish  
Crew 538   
In Service 1743-dec-18 b175
Out Service 1762-jul-13 b18,w2
Fate Captured
Became Reyna  



Units Length of Gundeck Length of Keel Breadth Depth in Hold Burthen Source
British ft. (meters) 173' 2" (52.49) 141' 81/2" (43.20) 48' 7" (14.81) 22' 1" (6.73) 1,77914/94 b57



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
70 1743 28 24 30 18 12 8   b18,w2





1747-mm-00   Captain D. Alejandro Castelain.  
1750-mm-00   Captain Conde de la Gomera GdM01
1751-jul-00   Frigate Captain D. Francisco Javier Everardo Tilly.  
1753-feb-00   Frigate Captain D. Francisco Javier Everardo Tilly.  
1754-mar-00   Captain D. Luis Vicente Velasco.  
1762-jun-00 1762-jun-00  Captain D. Luis Vicente Velasco.  


Service Record

1747-mm-00 Left Cadiz to Puerto Rico with Bizarro (50), Nueva España (64) & Conquistador (60)  
1747-oct-00 Left Veracruz to La Habana scorting merchantmen with gold. GdM02
1747-nov-09 Left La Habana to Cadiz with 6-7 merchantmen with gold & goods. GdM02
1748-jan-09 Entered at Cadiz with 6-7 merchantment1 from La Habana with 2,484,732 silver pesos & goods. GdM02
1749-dec-26 Left Veracruz to La Habana with silver & goods. GdM01
1750-jan-23 Arrived to La Habana from Veracruz. GdM01
1750-feb-20 Left La Habana to Cadiz with silver & goods, scorting the Royal Co. of La Habana frigate, N S de Guadalupe y San Antonio. GdM01
1750-apr-24 Arrived to Cadiz with 4,705,851 silver pesos & other goods. GdM01
1751-jul-00 Patrolled the Mediterranean.  
1753-feb-00 Patrolled the Mediterranean.  
1755-mm-00 Under repairs at La Carraca, Cadiz.  
1759-sep-05 Left Cadiz to La Habana with Europa (64) transporting land cannons and ammunition. b196 
1759-nov-26 Arrived to La Habana with Europa (64) with land cannons and ammunition. b196
1761-mm-00 Arrived to Cadiz.  
1762-jan-00 Left Cadiz to La Habana.  
1762-mar-00 Arrived to La Habana and is set to careen.  
1762-jun-00 Was still been careened when the british attacked La Habana.
1762-aug-11 Captured by the british after the surrender of La Habana. b18,w2


Actions & Battles

1762-jun-00 2nd Battle of La Habana  



Built at La Habana, some sources listed as Nueva Espanna, N S del Rosario, looks like was built with the broken parts of 1st Reina.

Note 1: The merchantmen were: N S de Begonna, San Miguel y las Animas, Salomon, N S de Loreto, Perla, Alcion & Arenton.



b57 "British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792"'
GdM01 Gazeta de Madrid (28/04/1750)
GdM02 Gazeta de Madrid (16/01/1748)
b196 Parcero Torre, Celia Maria. "La pérdidad de la Habana y las reformas borbónicas en Cuba, 1760-1773", 1998.


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