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HCMS Real Borbon (1819)

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Real Borbon, 118


Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1819 b2
Started never b2
Named never b2
Launched never b2
Shipyard none b2
Decks 3  
Rate 1st Rates  
System Meregildos ?
In Service never b2



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. 205' 183'4" 52' - - - - b2
Meters 58.81 52.68 14.94 - - - -  



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
118 1819 30 lbs 32 lbs 32 lbs 14 lbs 10 lbs lbs (Kg.) b2



Service Record

1819-mm-dd There is a model warship at the Naval Museum of Madrid b2



There is only a replica of this uncompleted project at the MNM, built by royal provision of Fernando VII between 1817-1819, by court boatswain Pedro de Lima, who probably based his design on the 3 decked Real Carlos built at La Habana in 1787. Named in Fernando VII's will.



"Modelos de Arsenal del Museo Naval", Jose Ignacio Gonzalez-Aller Hierro and more (b2)

Museo Naval de Madrid (MNM)


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