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HCMS N S de Begonna (1699)

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Nuestra Señora de Begonna, 60



Nationality Spanish
Launched 1699-mar-00
Shipyard Zorroza
Supervisor Millan Ignacio de Iriarte
Decks 2
Rate 4th Rates
System Old Spanish System
In Service 1699-aug-00
Out Service 1710
Fate Broke up




Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Codos 70.25 (40.37) 66.5 (38.22) 20.25 (11.64) 9 (5.17) ? 905/923 Tn.





Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
64 1699 24 18 24 10 16 6 - - ? ?





1703 Captain D. Francisco Antonio Garrote.
1706 Captain D. Juan Cordero de Leon.




Service Record

1699-sep-09 Left Zorroza to Cadiz to finish crew recruitment and armament.
1701-jun-19 Left Cadiz with Admiral Navarrete's fleet for the Campaign of Darien.
1702-mar-17 Arrived to Cadiz.
1703-jun-04 Left Cadiz to Veracruz with 4 merchantmen and the armed privateer N S del Rosario.
1703-mmm-00 Arrived to Cartagena de Indias, due to the presence of a british fleet in their way.
1703-oct-23 Arrvied to Veracruz.
1704-jan-11 Left Veracruz with 5 merchantmen and the armed privateer N S del Rosario.
1704-feb-10 Entered at La Habana due to a storm.
1704-apr-26 Entered at Cadiz pursued by Admrial Rooke's fleet and blocked there.
1706-mar-10 Left Cadiz to Veracruz with 13 merchantmen
1706-may-29 Entered at Veracruz after stopping before at Puerto Rico.
1708-may-10 Left Veracruz with 5 merchantmen scorted by french Admiral Duccase's fleet1.  
1708-aug-27 Arrived to Cadiz with the merchantment and the french fleet.
1710-may-07 At Cadiz ready to depart to Veracruz.
1710-mmm-00 Arrived to Veracruz were was broke up due to his bad state.




Actions & Battles




1 The french fleet, under Admiral Duccase were Magnanime, Elizabeth, Glorieux, Grande, Hercule, Diane, Atlante, Tetis & Ninfa.
They departed from Brest october 19th, 1707, arriving to La Habana january 4th, 1708 waiting for the spanish merchantmen.


Supplied by Bartolome de Arrieta Mascarua, who died before finished, beeing in charge his wife  Maria Antonia de Lezama y Axpee.

The builder was Domingo de Mutiozabal.

Sources (research by Santiago Gomez)

Revista de Historia Naval, nº 68, 107.

Revista General de Marina, varios artículos

Política Naval española en el Atlántico 1700-1715, Pablo Emilio Pérez-Mallaina

Las Flotas de Nueva España, Mervyn Francis Lang.

La construcción naval en Guipúzcoa. Siglo XVIII, Lourdes Odiozola

La casa de Contratación, Ana Crespo Solana

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