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HCMS Glorioso (1755)

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Glorioso (2nd), 68

San Francisco Javier (2nd)


Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1752-jun-15  
Started 1753-mmm-00  
Named 1752-jul-15 b8
Launched 1755  
Shipyard El Ferrol  
Plans Jorge Juan  
Constructor Guillermo Turner  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class 12th Apostles  
System British  
In Service 1755  
Out Service 1818-may-05  
Fate Broke up  



Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Codos 92.5' (53.16) 80' (45.98) 23.66' (13.60) 11' (6.32) 12' (6.90) ? ? b2



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
68 1755 ? 24 ? 18 ? 8     ?  
74 ? ? 24 ? 18 ? 8     ? w2





1759-apr-00 ? Captain D. Jose de San Vicente.  
1759-mm-00 ? Captain D. Juan Ignacio Salaverria.  
1763-jul-00 ? Captain D. Francisco Trevinno.  
1781-mm-00 ? Captain D. Francisco de Borja.  
1793-jan-14 ? Commodore D. Francisco Delgado Valderrama.  
1795-mar-00 ? Captain D. Jose Aguirre.  
1797-feb-14 ? Captain D. Juan de Aguirre.  
1805-jan-00 ? Captain D. Jose Melendez.  
1805-feb-15 1805-apr-02 Commodore D. Dionisio Alcala Galiano.  


Service Record

1759-apr-00 At El Ferrol.  
1759-mmm-00 Arrived to Cadiz from El Ferrol.  
1759-aug-29 Left Cadiz with a fleet of 10 SoL, 2 frigates & 2 minor vessels to Naples.  
1759-sep-28 The fleet arrived to Naples.  
1759-oct-07 King Charles III of Spain embarked in the Fenix and the fleet departed.  
1759-oct-17 The fleet with Charles III of Spain arrived to Barcelona.  
1760-mar-00 At Cadiz.  
1761-may-00 Set to repair at La Carraca, Cadiz.  
1763-jul-00 Left Cartagena with Astrea & 4 minor ships to North Africa.  
1763-mmm-00 Patrolled Argelian waters for pirates and stops in spanish north Africa prision.  
1763-oct-00 Returned to Cartagena.  
1764-jun-00 Left Cadiz to Veracruz with Astuto, Dragon (2), Juno, Soledad & 4 merchantmen.  
1764-mmm-00 All arrived to La Habana.  
1764-mmm-00 All arrived to Veracruz.  
1765-aug-00 Returned to Cadiz with Astuto, Dragon (2), Juno & Soledad with gold.  
1770-mmm-00 At Cartagena.  
1770-aug-07 Disarmed and set in ordinary by royal order at Cartagena.  
1781-mmm-00 Scorted minor ships to Algeciras for the siege of Gibraltar.  
1781-mmm-00 Joinned Admiral Cordova's fleet at the 2nd Campaign of the British Channel.  
1781-sep-23 Entered at Cadiz with Cordova's fleet from the Channel.  
1781-oct-00 Commissioned to patrol waters off Cadiz.  
1782-jan-02 Left Cadiz to La Habana with San Felipe Apostol, San Pedro Apostol, Santo Domingo, N S de la O & Santa Catalina, troops & mercury.  
1782-apr-00 At Guarico, Santo Domingo.  
1782-mmm-00 At La Habana.  
1783-jan-06 Left La Habana as flagship with 9 SoL, 2 frigates & troops to Guarico for the Jamaica invasion.  
1783-mmm-00 The fleet returned to La Habana due to the peace with Britain.  
1793-mmm-00 At Cartagena.  
1793-jan-14 Left Cartagena to Cadiz.  
1793-oct-28 Arrived to Toulon with troops and joined Langara's fleet.  
1793-nov-27 Left Toulon scorting minor ships.  
1793-dec-21 Joinned Admiral Borja's fleet at Cadiz for a Bay of Viscay patroling.  
1795-mar-00 At Mediterranean under Langara's fleet.  
1795-jun-18 With Sabina captured the danish frigate Gran Turco.  
1795-jun-00 Entered at Barcelona with the prize.  
1795-nov-00 At Mediterranean under Mazarredo's fleet.  
1797-feb-14 Battle of Cape St Vincent  
1797-mar-00 At Cadiz under Mazarredo's fleet.  
1798-mmm-00 At Cadiz under Mazarredo's fleet, blocked by Admiral Jervis.  
1799-mmm-00 At Cadiz under Mazarredo's fleet, blocked by Admiral Jervis.  
1805-jan-00 At Cadiz is set in commission, rearmed.  
1805-may-00 Evaded british blocking to train the crew.  
1805-may-00 Back to Cadiz.  
1805-may-29 Scorted minor ships to Sanlucar, but is chased by british frigates.  
1805-jun-24 Entered at Santa Cruz de Tenerife, escaping from the british frigates.  
1805-sep-00 Left Santa Cruz de Tenerife.  
1805-oct-21 Entered at Malaga.  
1806-jun-10 Commissioned by royal order.  
1806-jul-00 Left Malaga with 2 minor ships to Cadiz scorting 27 merchantmen with armament & supplies.  
1806-jul-14 Action versus british ships at waters off Gibraltar.  
1806-jul-00 Entered at Cadiz with all 27 merchantmen.  
1810-jan-00 At Cadiz, in bad conditions under Admiral Alava's fleet.  
1810-sep-00 Left Cadiz to Mahon with other 5 SoL to avoid capture by french troops.  
1815-mmm-00 Broke up at Cartagena.  
1818-may-05 Broke up at Cartagena.  


Actions & Battles

1797-feb-14 Battle of Cape St Vincent





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