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HCMS Europa (1789)

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Europa (3rd), 74

San Lesmes


Graphic copyright of Juan Garcia from www.todoababor.es published here under his authorization.


Nationality Spanish
Ordered ?  
Started 1789 ?
Named ?  
Launched 1789-oct-19 b84
Shipyard El Ferrol b84
Plans Romero Landa b84
Constructor Tomas Bryant ?
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
System Landa b84
Class Ildefonsinos b84
In Service 1789-oct-19 b84
Out Service 1801 b84
Fate Wrecked b84
Out Service 1803 ?
Fate Broke up ?



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. (meters) 190'   52' 25'   1,640 Tn.   b84
Meters 54.60   14.94 7.18      



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
74 1789 28 24 30 18 16 8 - - 670 (328) b84




1794-dec-22 1795-mm-00 Frigate Captain D. Jose Gardoqui  
1795-mm-00 1796-mm-00 Comodore D. Ignacio Maria de Alava.  


Service Record

1794-jun-15 Arrived to Veracruz. s5
1794-dec-22 Left Veracruz to La Habana with 6,425,526 pesos in merchant frigates Astuta, Afortunada (Dolores), San Jose y San Antonio & N S de la Pineda.  s4
1795-jan-30 At La Habana.  
1795-feb-28 Left La Habana to Cadiz with San Carlos (112), gold, platinum & goods. s3,GdM1
1795-apr-19 Arrived to Cadiz with San Carlos (112),  9,773,587 pesos, precious metals & goods. s3,GdM1
1795-nov-29 Left Cadiz to Chile as Com. Alava's flagship with Montañes (74), San Pedro (74), N S del Pilar (34) & Fama (34). s1
1795-dec-06 Nearby waters of Canary Islands. s1
1795-dec-19 N S del Pilar left the squadron to Puerto Soledad, Malvinas, with letters. s1
1796-jan-28 Com. Alava's squadron arrived to Port Egmont, Malvinas and joinned there again N S del Pilar (34) s1
1796-feb-04 Com. Alava's squadron left Port Egmont. s1
1796-mar-04 Arrived to Concepcion (Chile) with Europa (74), Montañes (74),  N S del Pilar (34) & Fama (34). s1
1796-mar-06 Arrived to  Port Talcahuango, Concepcion, Chile the San Pedro (74) alone. s1
1796-oct-06 Left El Callao to Manila under Com. Alava's with Europa (74)Montañes (74), San Pedro (74), N S del Pilar (34) & Fama (34). s2
1801-mm-00 Wrecked at Manila, Philippines, due to lack of careen. b84





Was coppered at his construction.



Gazeta de Madrid (24/04/1795) (GdM1)

Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,45,N.24 (s1) 

Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,45,N.27 (s2)

Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,23,N.4 (s3)

Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,22,N.67 (s4)

Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,36,N.27 (s5)

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