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HCMS Bizarro (1739)

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HCMS Bizarro, 50 

La Bizarra 

Nuestra Sennora de Guadalupe 

Santa Catalina 



Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1738-jan-00 ?
Launched 1739-mar-13 ?
Shipyard La Habana  
Constructor Juan Acosta  
Decks 2  
Rate 4th Rates  
System Spanish  
In Service 1737 w2
In Service 1738 b18
In Service 1739-mar-13 ?
Out Service 1759 b18,w2
Fate Sold b18,w2




Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
50 1738                   b18,w2




1738-mmm-00 Frigate Captain D. Juan Antonio Herrera. ?? 


Service Record 

1738-mmm-00 At Veracruz with San Juan Bautista (60), San Cayetano (24) & Triunfo (24)  
1738-mmm-00 Left Veracruz with San Juan Bautista to La Habana.  
1739-mmm-00 Left La Habana with San Juan Bautista to San Agustin, Florida.  
1740-mmm-00 Travelled between Veracruz and La Habana.  
1745-mmm-00 Campaign of Honduras and Roatan Island.  
1747-mmm-00 With Conquistador & Nueva Espanna scorts Reina to Puerto Rico.  
1748-mmm-00 At La Habana.  
1759-mmm-00 Out of service and sold at La Habana to a privateer. b18,w2


Actions & Battles 

yyyy-mmm-dd Battle of... source/s



Another ship that appears sometimes  as frigate.




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