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HCMS Bahama (1784)

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Bahama, 70/74

San Cristóbal



Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1776-dec-28 b6
Started 1777-jul b6
Named 1778-oct-20 b6
Launched 1783-mar-11 b6
Launched 1784 w2,b9
Shipyard La Habana
Plans Ignacio Mullan b6
Constructor Luis Mesias b6
Decks 2
Rate 3rd Rates
System French System
In Service 1785-jan-14 b6
Out Service 1805-oct-23 b6
Fate Captured




Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Sources  
Burgos ft. 190' (52.93) 165' (45.97) 51' (14.21) 24' (6.69) 26' (7.24) 1,696 Tn. b6




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
70 1783 ? 24 ? 18 ? 8           b18
74 1784 ? 24 ? 18 ? 8           b9,w2
78 1805 28 24 30 18 10 8 6 30o 4 24o 784 (384) b6




1784-mmm-00 yyyy-mmm-00 Commodore D. Francisco de Borja. b6
1784-mmm-00 yyyy-mmm-00 Captain D. Felix del Corral y Jaime. w2
1786-mm-00 Com. D. Domingo Perler  s1
1789-may-25 1790-feb-00 Captain D. Andres de Viana. b6
1790-feb-00 yyyy-mmm-00 Captain D. Rafael Orozco. b6
1794-feb-04 1794-apr-16 Captain D. Manuel Mazmela. b6
1794-apr-17 yyyy-mmm-00 Captain D. Jose de Aramburu. b6
1801-dec-23 1802-may-22 Captain D. Francisco Vazquez de Mondragon. b6
1802-may-23 yyyy-mmm-00 Captain D. Dionisio Alcala Galiano. b6
1805-feb-15 1805-jul-14 Captain D. Lino Trujillo. b6
1805-jul-01 1805-oct-21 Captain D. Dionisio Alcala Galiano. b6




Service Record

1784-jan-14 Left La Habana to Cadiz. b6
1784-mar-02 Arrived to Cadiz. b6
1786-mm-00 At Cadiz (in ordinary?). s1
1789-may-05 Entered at Cartagena. b6
1789-may-28 Left Cartagena with San Telmo, San Lorenzo, 6 frigates (1) & 3 brigs under Adm. Tejada. b6
1789-may-28 Left Cartagena under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1 w2
1789-jul-00 Sailed around the Mediterranean, for trainning and testing the ships. b6
1789-mmm-00 Entered at Naples under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1 b6
1789-mmm-00 Entered at Liorna under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1 b6
1789-mmm-00 Entered at Cartagena under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1 b6
1789-sep-08 Left Cartagena to Cadiz under Adm. Tejada's fleet. 1 b6,w2
1789-sep-00 Entered at Cadiz under Adm. Tejada's fleet.1 Set in ordinary. b6
1790-feb-00 Left Cadiz with Adm. Solano's squadron for the Nutka crisis. b6
1790-mmm-00 Entered at El Ferrol. b6
1790-mmm-00 Campaign of Nutka, sailed around the Finisterre. b6
1790-dec-00 Entered at Cadiz and is disarmed. b6
1792-mmm-00 At Cadiz disarmed. b6
1794-apr-17 Left Cadiz with San Agustin to Barcelona transporting prisioners. b6
1794-may-10 Entered at Cartagena and is assigned to this department. b6
1795-mar-00 At Mahon. b6
1795-may-00 Transported french prisioners from Barcelona to Cadiz with San Agustin. b6
1796-mmm-00 Commissioned at Cartagena. b6
1797-jan-31 Left Cartagena with 26 SoL, 8 frigates & 33 smaller ships to the Atlantic looking for Admiral Jervis. b6
1797-feb-06 Left the fleet with Terrible & Neptuno to Algeciras. b6
1797-mar-03 Arrived to Cadiz with Terrible & Neptuno scorting merchantmen from Malaga. b6
1798-feb-06 Left Cadiz under Admiral Jose de Mazarredo's squadron to break british blocking. b6
1798-feb-13 Entered at Cadiz with Admiral Jose de Mazarredo's squadron. b6
1798-oct-00 Disarmed and set to careen at La Carraca, Cadiz. b6
1798-nov-00 Finished careen and commissioned. b6
1799-may-12 Left with a Jose de Mazarredo's fleet from Cadiz for the Campaign of Menorca. b6
1799-may-20 The fleet enters at Cartagena due to damages from weather. b6
1799-jun-29 Left Cartagena Mazarredo's fleet joinning Bruix's french fleet to Brest. b6
1799-jul-11 The combined fleet enters at Cadiz. b6
1799-jul-21 The combined Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleet departs from Cadiz to Brest. b6
1799-aug-09 The combined Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleet enters at Brest. b6
1799-mmm-00 Mazarredo's fleet with the french ships are blocked at Brest by the british. b6
1800-mmm-00 Careened at Brest. b6
1802-apr-29 Left Brest under Rear Admiral Antonio de Cordova's fleet. b6
1802-may-13 Entered at Cadiz. b6
1802-jun-05 Left Cadiz with Principe de Asturias, Reina Luisa, Sabina & 1 frigate. b6
1802-jun-00 With Sabina leaves the squadron at Argel and goes to Tunez for diplomacy. b6
1802-jul-17 Entered at Cartagena. b6
1802-sep-22 Left Cartagena with Principe de Asturias (112), Guerrero (68), Atocha & Soledad to Naples to scort future King of Two Sicilies. b6
1802-sep-30 The squadron enters at Barcelona. b6
1802-oct-09 Left Barcelona to Naples. b6
1802-nov-19 The squadron arrives to Naples. b6
1802-dec-04 The squadron departed/arrived to Cartagena. b6
1802-mmm-00 Left to join the fleet at Cadiz. b6
1805-apr-00 Entered at La Carraca, Cadiz to be careened & coppered. b6
1805-jun-14 Finish coppering but only 2/3 of the ship due to lack of copper plates. b6
1805-jun-31 Commissioned and ready but with lack of crew and unexperienced. b6
1805-oct-19 Left Cadiz with the franco-spanish combined fleet. b6
1805-oct-21 Captured after the Battle of Trafalgar. b6



Actions & Battles

1805-oct-21 Battle of Trafalgar




Built following the plans of San Pedro de Alcantara, a smaller design from San Genaro.

On april 1780 his construction was suspended due to the lack of wood, started again on june 1782.

Had a Saint Christopher (San Cristobal) figurehead.(b6)

1Adm. Tejada's fleet: San Telmo (flagship), San Lorenzo, San Fulgencio, San Francisco de Paula, Perpetua, Soledad, Guadalupe, Santa Clara, Carmen, Leocadia, brigs Santa Natalia & Flecha



AGMAB, Estado General de la Armada, 1786. (s1)

"Trafalgar, Corpus Documental" (b6)

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