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HCMS Asia (1789)

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Asia (3rd), 68/74

San Jeronimo

Asia, Author Cortellini,1824 -Museo Naval de Madrid


Nationality Spanish
Launched 1789  
Shipyard La Habana  
Plans Romero Landa  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
System Landa  
Crew 542 b6
In Service 1789  
Out Service 1825-mar-10  
Fate Captured
Next Congreso Mexicano 1832



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. (meters) 181' (52.01) 160'3" (46.05) 49'6" (14.22) 23'11" (6.87) 24" (6.90) 1,541 Tn.   b6



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
68 1789 26 24 28 18 14 8             1,240 (607) ?
74 yyyy 26 24 28 18 14 8 4 30o 2 24o     1,408 (689) ?
78 1805 26 24 28 18 14 8 4 30o 2 24o 4 4o 1,424 (697) b6




1791-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Felix de Goicoechea.  
1793-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Luis Villabriga.  
1794-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Bartolome de Rivera.  
1794-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Bartolome de Rivera.  
1797-jul-18 yyyy-mm-00 Captain D. Manuel de Estrada s1
1801-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Francisco Alcedo.  
1805-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Jose Calderon.  
1808-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Jose Calderon.  
1814-mm-dd yyyy-mm-dd Captain D. Pedro Valencia.  
1823-mm-dd 1825-mar-10 Captain D. Roque de Guruceta.  



1797-mm-00 yyyy-mm-00 Commodore D. Francisco Javier Munnoz  s1


Service Record (castellano enlace todoavante)

1798-mm-00 At the Caribbean, with Anfitrite (40) captured british merchant frigate General Goddard.  
1791-mm-00 With Soberano (74), Castilla (64) & Minno (54), transported troops to America.  
1793-mm-00 Campaign of Sardinia, Saint Antioco & Saint Pedro islands, returning after back to Cadiz.  
1794-mm-00 Under Com. Varela's squadron.  
1794-mm-00 At La Habana under Adm. Aristizabal 's fleet.  
1797-mm-00 Left La Habana with Sirena (34)/Minerva (40) to Veracruz. s1
1797-mm-00 Arrived to Veracruz with Sirena (34)/Minerva (40)? s1
1797-jul-18 Left Veracruz with Sirena (34)/Minerva (40) to La Habana carring 1,924,198 pesos. s1
1799-mm-00 Left La Habana to Puerto Rico.  
1801-mm-00 Left La Habana to Cadiz, but due to a big storm, entered at Puerto Rico.  
1801-mm-00 Left Puerto Rico to Cadiz after repairs.  
1801-mm-00 Arrived to Cadiz.  
1801-mm-00 Arrived to Cartagena.  
1805-mm-00 At Cartagena under Adm. Salcedo's fleet.  
1806-mar-00 With Proserpina (34) captured british schooner Aravia Fenice.  
1806-apr-03 With San Ramon (70) & N S de la Soledad (34) pursuits 2 british frigates.  
1808-mar-00 Left Cartagena under Adm. Valdes' fleet to Toulon, but due to bad weather, arrived to Mahon.  
1809-mm-00 Scorted merchantmen to Veracruz.  
1811-nov-14 Left Cadiz scorting merchant frigates VicentaN S del Coro , Magdalena, merchant ships Isis & Fraternidad to Veracruz with troops.  
1812-jan-29 Arrived to Veracruz with the above ships.  
1813-may-18 Entered at Cadiz from La Habana after beeing careened with 7 million pesos with Algeciras?  
1814-oct-24 Arrived to El Callao with troops & supplies.  
1815-mm-00 Left Cadiz to El Callao.  
1815-mm-00 Arrived to Cadiz from El Callao.  
1816-mm-00 Patrolled nearby waters of Tripoli, Tunis & Argel.  
1818-mm-00 Patrolled Canary Islands nearby waters for corsairs.  
1821-mm-00 Arrived to La Habana from Veracruz with 2,300,000 pesos fuertes.  
1823-mm-00 Left Cadiz to America to fight colony revels.  
1825-jan-02 Left El Callao, Peru, to Chile & Philippines with brigs Constante, Aquiles & the transport corvette Gavinton.  
1825-mar-10 Arrived to Marianas Islands for supplies, the crew mutiny and left the officials at land.  
1825-apr-28 The mutiny crew arrived to Monterrey, Mexico.  
1825-mm-00 Left Monterrey to Acapulco.  
1825-jun-17 Arrived to Acapulco and is renamed Congreso Mexicano under mexican flag.  


Actions & Battles

yyyy-mmm-dd Link to Action or battle name.





Archivo General de Indias,ESTADO,26,N.13 (s1)

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