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HCMS Arrogante (1754)

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Arrogante, 68/74

San Antonio de Padua


Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1752  
Started 1752  
Named 1752-jul-15 b8
Launched 1754-mar-00  
Shipyard Guarnizo  
Plans David Howell  
Constructor David Howell  
Suplier Fdez. de la Isla  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class Arrogante  
System British  
Crew 429-536  
In Service 1754-sep-06  
Out Service 1797-feb-17  
Fate Burnt  



Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. 184'6" 160'2" 50'6" 25'2" ? 1,691 Tn.   ?
Meters 53.02 46.04 14.50 7.25 -- ---     
Burgos ft. 194'9" 171' 52'6" 24'3" 26'3" 1,672 Tn.   s1
Meters 54.26 47.64 14.63 6.76 7.31 ---     



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires (lbs/kg.) Source
68 1754 28 24 30 18 10 8 1,292 lbs. (632 kg.) s1
74 1790 28 24 30 18 16 8 1,340 lbs. (656 kg.) s1




1754-sep-06 1759-mm-00 Frigate Captain D. Jose de las Casas y Herrera. s1
1759-may-12 1760-nov-00 Frigate Captain D. Pedro Bermudez. s1
1760-nov-00 1765-mm-00 Frigate Captain D. Felipe Gonzalez Haedo.  
1765-mm-00 1779-mm-00 Captain D. Juan Ignacio Ponce.  
1779-mm-00 1780-aug-27 Captain D. Jose de Cordova. ?
1780-aug-28 1783-jan-00 Captain D. Felipe Lopez de Carrizosa.  
1783-jan-00 1793-sep-10 Captain D. Juan Clavijero.  
1793-sep-11 1794-may-00 Captain D. Jose Serrano Valdenebro.  
1794-may-00 1795-oct-00 Captain D. Jeronimo Bravo.  
1795-oct-00 1797-feb-17 Captain D. Rafael Bennazar .  



1781-mar-00 yyy-mmm-00 Admiral Jose Solano y Bote's flagship.  


Service Record (spanish todoavante)

1754-sep-06 Left Santander transporting 31 x 36 lbs guns & ammunition to El Ferrol? (looks like his maiden trip, only 224 crew).  
1759-apr-00 At El Ferrol.  
1759-mmm-00 Left El Ferrol.  
1760-mmm-00 At El Ferrol.  
1760-nov-00 At El Ferrol commissioned to patrol nearby waters.  
1761-mmm-00 Patrolled English Channel & Viscay Bay with Monarca (74), Oriente (68) and Principe (70)  
1761-dec-00 Left El Ferrol with Monarca (74), Palas (26) & brig Cazador to Santo Domingo with troops, food & supplies.  
1762-jan-31 Arrived to Santiago de Cuba with Galicia (70) & Palas (26).  
1762-jun-00 At Santiago de Cuba with Galicia (70), Monarca (74) & Palas (26)  
1762-jul-14 Left Santiago de Cuba to reinforce La Habana (under attack) with troops & ammunition.  
1762-jul-22 Disembarked troops at Jagua, Cienfuegos Bay, unable to reach La Habana due to the british blocking.  
1764-mmm-00 Left El Ferrol to Cadiz with Poderoso (68) and Generoso?  
1765-jun-24 Left Cadiz to Genoa with future Austria Queen Maria Luisa with Rayo (80), Poderoso (68) & 5 more ships.  
1765-mmm-00 Arrived to Cartagena & left to Genoa.  
1765-jul-17 Arrived to Genoa.  
1765-jul-25 Embarked future Pricess of Asturias, Princess Maria Luisa de Parma and left from Genoa.  
1765-aug-11 Arrived to Cartagena.  
1765-nov-00 Commissioned at Cartagena to cruise Mediterranean sea.  
1774-mmm-00 At Santa Margarita  
1779-jun-00 Left El Ferrol with 8 more ships & 2 frigates under Com. Arce's.  
1779-jul-02 Joinned at sea Adms. Orvilliers' & Cordoba's fleet.  
1779-aug-00 The combined frech-spanish fleet patrolled the English Channel.  
1779-sep-00 Entered with the combined fleet at Brest.  
1780-jan-13 Left Brest to Cadiz with Com. Gaston's fleet.  
1780-feb-03 Arrived to Cadiz with Com. Gaston's fleet.  
1780-mmm-00 1st Campaign of blocking of Gibraltar. ?
1780-apr-28 Left Cadiz to La Habana with Adm. Solano's fleet & merchantmen.  
1780-aug-04 Arrived to La Habana.  
1781-mar-21 Left La Habana as Adm. Solano's flagship looking for a british convoy from Jamaica.  
1781-apr-10 Left La Habana with 11 ships & 4 frigates to Pensacola.  
1781-may-31 Entered at La Habana from Pensacola.  
1781-jul-29 Left La Habana as flagship with Astuto (64), Gallardo (68), Guerrero (68), Santa Lucia (26) & over 60 merchantmen.  
1781-oct-09 Entered at Cadiz with Astuto (64), Gallardo (68), Guerrero (68), Santa Lucia (26) & merchantmen with 2,857,000 pesos.  
1782-oct-20 Battle of Cape Spartel  
1783-jan-00 Left Cadiz to El Ferrol to join Adm. Osorno's fleet there.  
1783-aug-00 Disarmed at El Ferrol due to end of war.  
1790-mmm-00 Commisioned at El Ferrol due to the Campaign of Nootka incident and left to Cadiz. 1 b61
1790-jul-00 Left Cadiz with Adm. Solano's fleet.  
1790-sep-08 Entered at Cadiz with Adm. Solano's fleet.  
1793-sep-00 Left El Ferrol scorting 6 merchantmen to Cadiz with Serio (68)  
1793-dec-14 Entered Cadiz for repairs due to storm.  
1794-mmm-00 At Rosas bay under Adms. Langara's & Gravina's fleets.  
1794-mmm-00 Entered at Mallorca for repairs.  
1794-may-00 At Cartagena.  
1795-oct-00 At Cartagena under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet.  
1796-aug-04 Left to Trinidad with troops, supplies under Adm. Solano's fleet.  
1796-aug-07 Left Solano's fleet with 4 SoL, a frigate & 2 brigs under Com. Apocada's command.2  
1796-sep-14 Arrived to Trinidad.2  
1796-mmm-00 Canceled the departure to Cartagena de Indias and stayed at Trinidad.  
1797-feb-16 Blocked at Shagaramus (Chaguaramas) bay, Trinidad by Rear Adm. Harvey's fleet.3  
1797-feb-17 Burt at Shagaramus (Chaguaramas) bay, Trinidad to avoid capture from british Adm. Harvey's blocking fleet.  


Actions & Battles

1782-oct-20 Battle of Cape Spartel



1 Salvador del Mundo, (114), San Rafael, (80), Serio, (74), Oriente, (74), Arrogante, (74), San Justo, (74), San Gabriel, (74), San Telmo, (74), Europa, (74), San Leandro, (64), Juno, (34), Palas, (34), Santa Teresa, (34) & Santa Catalina, (34)

2 Commodore Apocadas's squadron: San Vicente (80), Gallardo (74), Arrogante (74), San Damaso (74), Santa Cecilia (34) & brigs San Carlos & Galgo.

3 Rear Admiral Harvey's fleet: With an armed fleet between 7-20 named ships & 30-40 transports with Lt. General Sir Ralph Abercromby's army of 6,750 soldiers. More information here




Cesareo Fdez. Duro, "Armada Española desde la union de los reinos de Castilla y Aragon" - Tomo VIII (b61)

Archivo General de la Marina Alvaro de Bazán, "Estados de Fuerza y vida", 2235/4


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