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HCMS Aquilon (1754)

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Aquilon, 68

San Damaso



Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1752-jun-15  
Started 1752/3  
Named 1752-jul-15 b8
Launched 1754-aug-15  
Launched 1754-mar-10  
Shipyard El Ferrol  
Plans Jorge Juan  
Constructor Guillermo Turner  
Decks 2  
Rate 3rd Rates  
Class 12th Apostles  
System British  
Crew 564  
In Service 1754-aug-15  
Out Service 1762-aug-11  
Fate Captured
Next Moro  




Units Lenght Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Codos 92 1/2' 80' 23 2/3' 11' 12' 1,692 Tn. b2
Meters 53.16  45.98  13.60  6.32  6.90  m3  (b2)
Burgos ft.              




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
68 1760 28 24 30 18 10 8 ?  
74 ? ? 24 ? 18 ? 8 ? w2





1754-mm-00 1755-mm-00 Captain D. Francisco Lastarria.  
1755-mm-00   Frigate Captain D. Bernabe de Urcullu.  
1762-mm-00 1762-jun-25 Captain D. Vicente Gonzalez-Valor y Bassecourt.  
1762-jun-26 1762-aug-11 Frigate Captain D. Diego Argote.  


Service Record (in spanish at todoavante.es)

1754-jun-00 Left El Ferrol to Cadiz.  
1754-mm-00 Comissioned to fight piracy.  
1754-dec-00 Ends comissioned and entered at Cadiz.  
1755-apr-00 Disarmed at Cadiz.  
1755-aug-00 Set to repair at La Carraca, Cadiz, due to wood sickness.  
1759-mm-00 At Cartagena fighting Argelian pirates.  
1761-mm-00 At Cartagena fighting Argelian pirates.  
1761-mar-04 Left Cartagena with Soberano (70) transporting 640 troops from Aragon's regiment, 2nd batallion. b196 
1761-mar-24 Arrived to Cadiz with Soberano (70). b196 
1761-apr-14 Left Cadiz under Adm. Hevia's fleet Soberano (70), Tigre (70), Asia (60), Vencedor (70) & Conquistador (60) with troops.1 b196 
1761-may-00 All arrived to Puerto Rico, leaving 150 troops. b196 
1761-jun-00 All arrived to Santiago de Cuba, leaving 225 troops. b196 
1761-jun-27 All but Conquistador (60) arrived to La Habana with the 996 troops leaving.2  
1762-jun-06 At La Habana blocked by british fleet.  
1762-jun-09 Set nearby Regla & Guanabacoa inlets, inside La Habana's bays, firing british troops at La Cabaña.  
1762-jun-25 Left the inlets and moved inside the bay to avoid british land cannons from La Cabaña.  
1762-jul-31 Assault and bombing of El Morro fortification under british hands.  
1762-aug-11 Captured by the british at the surrender of La Habana.  


Actions & Battles

1762-jun-06 2nd Battle of La Habana



(1) All the ships transported troops but Conquistador carried mercury (azogues) to Veracruz, detaching from the fleet at cape San Antonio, Cuba, before arriving to La Habana.

(2) From the 1,429 troops that left Cadiz, 68 died during the trip to La Habana.


Sources (research by Santigo Gomez)

PARCERO TORRE, Celia María. "La pérdida de La Habana y las reformas borbónicas en Cuba, 1760-1773", 1998. (b196)

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Valdés y Ozores, Micaela. El baylío don Antonio Valdés. Editorial Libroslibres, Madrid, 2004.




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