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HCMS Angel de la Guarda (1774)

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HCMS Angel de la Guarda, 70/74

Santo Angel de la Guarda


PlansFrancisco Gautier
Rate3rd Rates
SystemFrench System
In Service1774
Out Service1810
FateBroke up



Burgos ft.l (m.)k (m.)b (m.)d (m.)d (m.)w (Tn.)D (Tn.)



701774?lbs?lbs?lbs?lbslbs (Kg.)
741774?lbs?lbs?lbs?lbslbs (Kg.)




1779-mmm-ddyyyy-mmm-ddCaptain D. Antonio Bacaro.
1789-mmm-ddyyyy-mmm-ddCaptain D. Vicente Heceta.
1790-mmm-ddyyyy-mmm-ddCaptain D. Antonio Basurto y Velasquez.
1793-mmm-ddyyyy-mmm-ddCaptain D. Antonio Basurto y Velasquez.
1794-mmm-ddyyyy-mmm-ddCaptain D. Jose Ussel de Guimbarda.
1795-jul-dd1795-oct-ddCaptain D. Antonio Boneo.
1795-oct-dd1796-feb-05Captain D. Pedro Ruiz Mateos.
1796-feb-061796-nov-01Commodore D. Enrique Mac Donnell.
1796-nov-021797-mar-31Captain D. Antonio Garcia de Postigo.
1797-apr-011797-oct-00Commodore D. Enrique Mac Donnell.



1790-may-dd1790-mmm-ddCommodore Fernando Daoiz.


Service Record

1778-jan-00At La Habana with San Lorenzo, Santa Barbara & Santa Cecilia
1778-jan-00Left La Habana with San Lorenzo, Santa Cecilia & Santa Barbara to scort Ulloa's fleet from Veracruz to La Habana.
1778-feb-13All entered at La Habana.
1778-mar-09All left La Habana under Ulloa's fleet back to Cadiz.
1778-jun-29Entered at Cadiz under Ulloa's fleet from La Habana.
1779-jun-00At Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet.
1779-jun-00Lef Cadiz under Adm. Cordoba's fleet for the 1st Campaign of the English Channel.
1779-mmm-00Entered at Brest.
1780-jan-00Left Brest to Cadiz under Com. Gaston's squadron to Cadiz.
1780-feb-00Arrived alone to Cadiz with damages from a storm at Cape St. Vincent.
1781-mmm-00Blocking & siege of Gibraltar.
1781-jun-002nd Campaign of the English Channel.
1782-apr-00At La Habana.
1783-jan-00Entered at Cadiz from La Habana with others SoL & merchantmen with gold & goods.
1789-feb-00Set to sail for naval testing.
1790-mmm-00At Cadiz, joinned Adm. Bote's squadron for the Nootka Campaign.
1791-jan-00At El Ferrol set in orinary.
1793-jan-00At Cartagena, set in commission to join Adm. Borja's squadron for the Campaing of Sardinia.
1793-mmm-00Back to Cartagena, joinned Adm. Langara's fleet for the Campaign of Toulon.
1794-jul-00At Cartagena?, coppered.
1794-mmm-00Left Cadiz to La Habana.
1795-jul-00Left Cadiz to Cartagena.
1796-feb-06At La Habana, under Adm. Aristizabal's squadron.
1796-nov-03Arrived to Veracruz from La Habana.
1797-feb-09Left Veracruz with 2,193,461 pesos & goods to La Habana with Ninfa, Diligencia & 15 merchantmen.
1797-jul-16Entered at La Habana from patrolling nearby waters avoiding british blocking.
1797-aug-00At Veracruz with Juno & Gloria
1797-dec-15Left La Habana Juno & N S de la O to wait & scort San Lorenzo & other ships from Veracruz.
1798-jan-00All entered at La Habana.
1798-dec-27Left La Habana to Puerto Rico & Florida with money for prisions.
1804-dec-00At La Habana in need of careen.
1807-dec-00At La Habana in need of careen.
1810-mmm-00At La Habana, out of service & broke up due to bad state.



Actions & Battles

yyyy-mmm-ddLink to Action or battle name.



Ship's miscelaneous data. (source/s)


Sources (research by Santiago Gomez)

Archivo General de Indias.

Archivo general de Simancas.

Cesáreo Fernández Duro, "Armada española", Tomo VII.

Juan Alsina Torrente, "Una guerra romántica (1778-1783)".

Indalecio Núñez Iglesias y José María Blanco Núñez, "La diversión de Tolón", 2 tomos.

Alberto Orte Lledó, "El jefe de escuadra Antonio de Ulloa y la Flota de Nueva España, 1776-1778".

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