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HCMF Viva (1818)

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Viva, 36/40


Former Provornyi
Nationality Bought
Launched 1816  
Shipyard St Petersburg ?
Decks 1  
Rate 5th Rates  
Class Provornyi   
Crew 221-300   
In Service 1818-oct-12 b79
Out Service 1821-jul-00  
Fate Out of Service  



Units (meters) Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft.                



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs # lbs Fires Source
40 1818                    
36 1820                  




1820-mm-dd 1821-jul-00 Frigate Captain D. Alonso de la Riva.   


Service Record

1818-oct-12 Arrived to Cadiz from St. Petersburg? with Pronta (40) & Ligera (40)  
1820-nov-11 Left Cadiz to La Guaira with Ligera (36) and brigs Aretusa (20) & Hercules (14)  
1820-dec-18 Arrived to La Guaira with Ligera (36) and brigs Aretusa (20) & Hercules (14)  
1820-dec-00 Left La Guaira to Cartagena de Indias.  
1821-jan-12 At Cartagena de Indias.  
1821-feb-05 Left Cartagena de Indias to La Habana to be repaired.  
1821-feb-08 Entered at Portobelo, Panama due to a heavy storm and water due to bad state.  
1821-may-24 In very bad conditions and only with 221 crew left Portobelo to La Habana after not having received any help.  
1821-jun-21 Arrived to La Habana.  
1821-jul-00 A weeks after arrived to La Habana, was exclude of the service due to his bad state.  





Antonio Alemparte Guerrero, "La Escuadra Rusa vendida por Alejandro I a Fernando VII en 1817", Inst. de Historia y Cultura Naval, nº 36, Madrid 2001. 

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