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HCMF N S del Carmen (1770)

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Nuestra Sennora del Carmen, 26/34


Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1769-jun-17 b79
Launched 1770-nov-24 b79
Shipyard El Ferrol  
Plans Francisco Gautier ?
Constructor Francisco Gautier b79
Decks 1  
Rate 5th Rates  
Class Gautier  
System French  
In Service 1770-nov-24 b79
Out Service 1800-apr-06  
Fate Captured
Next Carmen 1802



Units (meters) Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. 161' (44.85) 144'8" (40.30) 44'5" (12.37) 16'8" (4.64) 20.7' (5.73) 608 Tn. 1,140 Tn. b79



Guns Date # lbs # lbs Fires (Kg.) Source
26 1770 26 12     312 (153) b79
34 1783 26 12 ? ? ?  





1781-may-21 1782-mm-00 Frigate Captain D. Pedro Winthuysen.  
1783-jul-00   Captain D. Ramon Topete  
1793-may-00   Frigate Captain D. Gabriel Sorondo.  


Service Record

1776-nov-30 Under Com. Tejada's squadron burnt 2 argelian xebecs at Melilla's bay.  
1781-may-21 With Santa Perpetua (34), captured british corairs frigates Rokinhan (20) & Surprise (16)  
1782-aug-00 Captured a 26 guns british war frigate at the strait of Gibraltar. ?
1783-jul-02 Left Cartagena under Adm. Barcelo's squadron to Argel.  
1783-aug-01 Arrived to Oran, Argel, blocking & assault of the city.  
1783-aug-10 At Oran, Argel, blocking & assault of the city.  
1793-may-00 At Biscay Bay, captured french brig Primavera, under Cpt. Pierre Ravel.  
1799-may-25 Captured a US frigate under Cpt. John Snow  
1799-jul-07 Under Adm. Mazarredo's & Adm. Bruix combined fleet at the strait of Gibraltar, with brig Vivo, captured british cutter Penelope (18)  
1800-apr-06 Captured by the british (where and by?)  


Actions & Battles

1783-aug-00 Assault to Argel







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