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HCMF N S de la Soledad (1788)

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N S de la Soledad, 34



Nationality Spanish
Started 1788-feb-26 b84
Launched 1788-may-03 b84
Shipyard Cartagena b84
Plans Romero Landa b84
Constructor ? ?
Decks 1 b84
Rate 5th Rates  
Class ? ?
System Landa b84
Crew 302 b841
In Service 1788-may-03 b84
Out Service 1821 b84
Fate Broke up  


Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Displacement Source
Burgos ft. 158'0" 42'0" 20'6" 589 Tn.  1,122 Tn. b84
Meters 45.40 - 12.07 5.89 - 894 m3  1,704 m3  (b84) 




Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
34 1788 26 12 8 6 180 (88) b84




1799-may-12 1802-mmm-dd Frigate Captain D. Antonio Quesada. b192


Service Record

1789-may-01 Left Cartagena? for naval testing under Adm. Tejada's squadron.2 b84
1787-sep-24 Finished naval testing with other frigates, entering back at Cartagena? b84
1792-mm-00 Set to careen & coopered with Diana before naval testing. b84
1792-aug-08 Left Cartagena? for naval testing vs Diana (34), beeing considered the best spanish frigates. b84
1792-agu-27 Finished naval testing with Diana (34). b84
1799-may-12 Left Cadiz under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet3 to meet & join Adm. Bruix's fleet at the Mediterranean. b192 
1799-may-16 At Gibraltar's strait, Mazarredo's fleet suffered a heavy storm, been damaged 11 ships. b192 
1799-may-20 Entered at Cartagena under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet to repair damaged ships. b192 
1799-jun-22 At Cartagena, under Adm. Mazarredo's finishing repairs, arrived Adm. Bruix's fleet4. b192 
1799-jun-29 Left Cartagena under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet3to Cadiz with Adm. Bruix's fleet4. b192 
1799-jul-10 Entered at Cadiz with Adm. Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleets. b192 
1799-jul-21 Left Cadiz under Adm. Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleets5 to Brest. b192 
1799-aug-08 Entered at Brest with Adm. Mazarredo's & Bruix's fleets5. b192 
1800-mm-00 At Brest under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet, blocked by Adm. Jervis' fleet. b192 
1801-mm-00 At Brest under Adm. Mazarredo's fleet, blocked by Adm. Jervis' fleet. b192 
1821-mm-00 Broke up.  


Actions & Battles

yyyy-mmm-dd Link to Action or battle name.



Was built in 40 days!

1 Crew by 1788 Spanish Naval Rules.

2San Lorenzo, San Francisco de Paula, San Telmo, Bahama, San Fulgencio (for short time), N S de la Soledad, Santa Perpetua, N S del Carmen, Santa Elena, N S del Rosario, N S de Guadalupe, San LeonCazadora & Flecha.

3 Adm. Mazarredo's fleet:

4 Adm. Bruix's fleet:

5 Adm. Mazarredo's & Bruix's combined fleet:



b84 J.M. de Juan-Garcia Aguado, "Jose Romero Fdez. de Landa, un Ingeniero de Marina en el s. XVIII".
b192 J.M. Carlan, "Navíos en Secuestro. La Escuadra Española del Océano en Brest, 1799-1802"


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