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HCMF Aguila (1753)

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Aguila (2nd), 26

Santa Maria Magdalena



Nationality Spanish
Ordered 1752-may-02 b8
Started 1752-may-16 b8
Launched 1753-aug-15  b8 
Shipyard Cadiz   
Plans Jorge Juan
Constructor Mateo Mullan b8 
Rate 5th Rate   
Class Aguila  b8 
System Spanish  
Crew 178 s2 
In Service 1754   
Out Service 1778 s3
Fate Sold  



Units Length Keel Beam Depth Draught Weight Source
Codos 60'16" 50' 17'8" 7'1" 5'12" 500 8/94 Tn. b8 



Guns Date # lbs # lbs # lbs Broadside Source
22 1753 22 8 20p 2 - -   b8 
22 1767 22 6 6p 3 - -   s2




1767-mar-04 1775-jan-26 Frigate Captain D. Domingo Boenechea.† s2 
1775-jan-27 1775-apr-08 First Ltn. D. Tomas de Gayangos.  
1775-sep-27 1776-mm-00 Frigate Captain D. Juan Cayetano de Langara  



Service Record 

1754-dec-00 Ready to depart with frigate Hermiona to America.  
1767-mar-04 Left El Ferrol to Montevideo s2
1767-mm-00 Arrived to Montevideo, joinned there by Esmeralda, Venus & Liebre.  
1767-mm-00 Left Montevideo with Liebre to Malvinas islands with supplies.  
1768-mm-00 Arrived and assigned to El Callao naval forces. s3
1772-sep-26 Left El Callao to explore San Carlos (Easter) island & Tahiti with paquebote San Miguel (a.k.a. Jupiter). s1 
1772-nov-12 Arrived to Tahiti. s1
1772-dec-20 Left Tahiti (named by spanish Isla de Amat). s1
1773-feb-21 Arrived to Valparaiso, Chile, for repairs before going to Easter island. s1 
1773-mar-31 Arrived to El Callao, aborting the trip to Easter island due to heavy damages. s1
Arrived to El Callao, aborting the trip to Easter island due to heavy damages.
1774-sep-20 Left El Callao with paquebote Jupiter under Cpt. Jose de Andía y Varela, to evangelize Tahiti. s1 
1774-oct-05 Separate by a storm in their way to Tahiti. s1
1774-nov-15 Arrived to Tahiti, a week after Jupiter. s1
1775-jan-26 Frigate Captain D. Domingo Boenechea died due to sickness. s1
1775-jan-28 Left Tahiti back to El Callao with Jupiter. s1
1775-apr-08 Entered at El Callao with Jupiter. s1 
1775-sep-27 Left El Callao to Tahiti. s1
1775-nov-03 Arrived to Tautira, Tahiti. s1
1775-nov-12 Left Tahiti back to El Callao. s1
1776-feb-17 Entered at El Callao with Jupiter. s3
1778-mm-00 Sold at El Callao to Francisco Fragua for 36,000 pesos. s3






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