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HBMUS Constant Anne (1652)

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Constant Anne, 4 or 6 Guns



In Service1652
Out Service



Gun DeckKeelBeamDepthDraughtBurthenDisplacementSource



DateCrewGunsGun DeckQuarter DeckForecastleB/S WeightSource




Start DateEnd DateNameSource
1652James Locke




Start DateEnd DateRankNameSource


Service record


Actions & Battles

1652-Aug-16Battle of Plymouth



1. You are with your said ketch to ply to and again about the Land's End, and give intelligence to such English merchant ships as you can meet with of the present condition of affairs between this Commonwealth and the Dutch, to the end they may avoid the danger of being surprised by any Dutch men-of-war that may be in those parts.


2. You are to use your endeavour with all diligence to discover what number of men-of-war or other ships are upon those seas, and to whom and what country they do appertain, and thereof give speedy and timely intelligence to Sir George Ayscue, who is with a good squadron of ships going towards the west, to the end he may steer his course accordingly; and you are likewise to give notice to such

English merchants as you meet of Sir George Ayscue's coming towards the west.


3. In case you meet with any of the ships of war or other vessels belonging to the Dutch or French you are authorised and required, according as you are able, to take and seize upon such ships and vessels and secure them from embezzlement, until further order. Nevertheless you are not by virtue thereof to take or molest any Frenchmen having liberty from the Council to trade between Rye and

Dieppe, or such French fishermen as usually fish in fisher-boats and small vessels upon the coasts of France, Sussex, and Kent, provided they do not, under pretext thereof, colour or transport any prohibited persons or goods.


4. You are to observe such further directions in the management of this business as you shall from time to time receive from this Council, General Blake, or Sir George Ayscue.


Whitehall, 2oth July, 1652.




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