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HBMS Tredagh (1654)

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Tredagh, 52 Guns

Nationality British
Ordered 1652/12/00 B164
Launched 1654/05/22 B164
Shipyard Ratcliffe B028
Constructor Phineus Pett B164
Rate Fourth Rate
Type Ship of the Line
Out Service 1666/07/25 B028
Fate Sunk in Action B028

B164   Type Metric
Length of Keel 117' 3" Imperial Feet 35.74
Breadth 35' 2" Imperial Feet 10.72
Depth in Hold 14' 5" Imperial Feet 4.39
Burthen 77127/94 Tons BM

1666 B164 Broadside Weight = 548
Gun Deck 20 British Demi-Cannon
Gun Deck 4 British Culverin
Gun Deck 26 British 12-Pounder
Gun Deck 8 British Demi-Culverin

Crew Complement
Date Men Notes Source
1660 210 B164
1666 290 B164

Flag Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1665/10/21 1666/07/25 Rear-Admiral of the White John Harman B164
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1654 1656 Post Captain Anthony Young B164
1656 1657 Post Captain John Harman B164
1659 1660 Post Captain Thomas Teddeman B164
1662/03/30 1663/11/23 Post Captain John Lawson B164
1664/11/13 1664/11/23 Rear-Admiral Sir William Berkeley B051
1665 1665 Post Captain William Kempthorne W014
1665/02/25 1665/06/03 Rear-Admiral Robert Sansom B164
1665/10/21 1666/07/25 Post Captain Willoughby Hannam B051
Commissioned Officers
Date From Date to Rank/Position Name Source
1660 1661 Lieutenant Robert Mohun B051
1663 1664 Lieutenant Thomas Seale B051
1664 1664 Lieutenant John Waterworth B051
1664 1664 Lieutenant Thomas Bridgeman B051
1665 Unknown Lieutenant John Tyrrel B051
1665 1665 Lieutenant Robert Stout B051
1665 1666 Lieutenant Thomas Scott B051

Service Record
Date Notes Source
1656 Off Cadiz B164
1657 In the Mediterranean B164
1658 In the Mediterranean B164
1659 In the Mediterranean and then to the Sound B164
1660 In the Straits B164
1660 Renamed Resolution B065
1660 Re-classified as a Third Rate of 50 guns  
1663 Took a 32-gun Algerine vessel B164
1665/06/03 Present at the Battle of Lowestoft  
1665/11/26 In dock at Chatham (under going repairs?) and planned to be launched on the 28th BG
1666 Re-classified as a Third Rate of 58 guns  
1666/04/05 In company with Oxford took Victoire off Lisbon B164
1666/04-05 Took Victoire  
1666/07/25 Present at St James Day Battle, c200 men drowned  

Fleet Title Commander Date From Date To Source
British Baltic Fleet 1659 Lord Edward Montagu, Earl of of Sandwich 1659/00/00 1659/00/00

Actions & Battles
Date Source
1665/06/03 Battle of Lowestoft
1666/07/25 St James Day Battle

Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered

Id Link or Description Author
B164 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield
B028 Ships of the Royal Navy - Volume I J. J. Colledge
B051 Biographia Navalis - Volume I John Charnock
W014 Anglo-Dutch Wars BLOG James C Bender
B065 The Ship of the Line Vol I Brian Lavery
BG The London Gazette Official

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