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HBMS Swiftsure (1654)

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Swiftsure, 60 Guns



DesignerSir Christopher Pett
ConstructorSir Christopher Pett
RateSecond Rate
Out Service1666/06/11



SourceThe Ship of the Line - Volume I
Length of Keel118' 0"
Breadth37' 10"
Depth in Hold16' 0"



Gun Deck60All Guns



1654/12/25380At the start of the West Indies expedition, including 30 soldiersB029


Flag Officers

Date FromDate toRank/PositionNameSource
1654/081655/06General at SeaWilliam PennB051
16581659Vice-AdmiralWilliam GoodsonW014
16661666/06/11Vice-Admiral of the WhiteWilliam BerkleyB029



Date FromDate toRankNameSource
16501651Post CaptainAnthony HouldingW014
1654/121655/06Post CaptainJonas PooleW014
16601660Post CaptainRichard StaynerW014
16641665Post CaptainThomas TeddimanW014



Date FromDate ToRank/PositionNameSource
16651665LieutenantThomas BridgemanW014


Service record

1652/08/30The Council of State wrote to the Commissioners of the Navy desiring then to give a speedy account to the Council why the ships Swiftsure and new frigate at Woolwich are in no better forwardnessB029
1653/02/02The Admiralty Commitee order that the Swiftsure be ready to sail on the 1st AprilB029
1653/02/18The Admiralty Commitee order that the Swiftsure be ready to sail on the 1st May with 6 months provisionsB029
1653/04/01Richard Deane and George Monck wrote to the Admiralty Commitee that the Swiftsure will not be ready this two months and that Captain Strong may stay for the SwiftsureB029
1654/12/25Flagship of General at Sea Sir William Penn in the expedition to the West IndiesB051
1655/05/04The fleet left HispaniolaB029
1655/05/10Reached Jamaica, which surrendered on the 17thB029
1655/05/25The Swiftsure's lower deck guns were placed on board the Discovery, which blew up later in the day. Most of the guns were recoveredB029
1655/06/25Sailed for EnglandB029
1655/08/31Anchored at SpitheadB029
1659Part of Admiral Edward Monague's fleet in the SoundB058
1666/06/11Surrounded and captured by the Dutch, Vice-Admiral Sir William Berkeley was killed in the actionB029


Actions & Battles

1666/06/11Four Days Battle



No Notes Entered



B065The Ship of the Line - Volume I
W014Anglo Dutch Wars Blog
B051Biographia Navalis - Volume I
B029The Royal Navy Vol II
B058Naval wars in the Baltic during the Sailing-Ship E

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