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HBMS Strafford (1735)

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Strafford, 60 Guns



Nationality British
Previously Strafford
Ordered 1733/05/22 B057
Laid Down 1733/09/15 B057
Launched 1735/07/24 B057
Shipyard Chatham DY B057
Master Shipbuilder John Ward B057
Rate Fourth Rate  
Type Ship of the Line  
Out Service 1756/08 B057
Fate Sunk as Breakwater B057


B057 TypeMetric
Length of Gundeck 144' 0" Imperial Feet 43.89
Length of Keel 116' 6" Imperial Feet 35.51
Breadth 41' 6" Imperial Feet 12.65
Depth in Hold 16' 11" Imperial Feet 5.16
Draught Forward 9' 11" Imperial Feet 3.02
Draught Aft 15' 0" Imperial Feet 4.57
Burthen 1,0677/94 Tons BM  


1735B057Broadside Weight = 435
Lower Gun Deck 24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck 26 British 9-Pounder
Quarterdeck 8 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle 2 British 6-Pounder
1743B057Broadside Weight = 462
Lower Gun Deck 24 British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck 24 British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck 8 British 6-Pounder
Forecastle 2 British 6-Pounder


Crew Complement
1735 400 Establishment B057
1743 420 Revised Establishment B057


Flag Officers
Date FromDate toRank/PositionNameSource
1740/02 1740/04 Admiral Edward Vernon B057
Date FromDate toRank/PositionNameSource
1738/05 1739/05 Post Captain Thomas Durrell B057
1739/06 1742/08 Post Captain Thomas Trevor B057
1744 1746 Post Captain Edward Legge B057
1746 1747 Post Captain Cornelius Mitchell B057
1747 1748/03/08 Post Captain James Renton B057
1748/03/09 1749/07 Post Captain David Brodie B057


Service Record
1738/04/22 Completed at a build cost of £17,579.12.2d B057
1738/05 Commissioned for service as a guardship at Plymouth B057
1739/05 Fitted for foreign service at Portsmouth B057
1739/07/23 Sailed with Vernon's fleet B057
1739/11 Cruise off Spainish Main with Princess Louisa and  Norwich between La Guaya and Puerto Cabello DB034 
1739/11/21 At Porto Bello B057
1739/60 Recommissioned B057
1740/03/23 At capture of Chagres B057
1741/03 Present in operations against Cartagena B057
1742/08 Sailed for home B057
1743/06 Started a great repair and refit at Chatham B057
1744/04 Completed repair and refit at a cost of £20,773.19.2d B057
1744/04 Recommissioned B057
1744/08 In Balchen's fleet until September B057
1745 To Jamaica in Vice-Admiral Daver's squadron B057
1745/11-12 Escort homeward convoy of 23 ships DB035 

Encounter with French convoy where convoy escort squadrons engaged each other

with Strafford having 5 killed and 8 wounded.

1746/6-7 Escort  homeward bound convoy DB035 
1746/07-08 Squadron criuses off Cape Nicholas DB035 
1746 In the Leeward Islands B057
1746/08 Encounter with Conflans B057
1747/03/30 Cruising with squadron off Cape Francois DB036 
1747/12-1748/01 Cruising with squadron north of Hispanoila to intercept ships  from a scattered French convoy. DB036 
1748/03/08 In attack on Port Louis B057
1748/04/05 At Santiago B057
1748/09/30 Cruise for 2 weeks between Cape Antonioand Tortuga Bank DB036 
1749/07 Paid off at Chatham B057
1749/08/16 Surveyed B057
1755/11/15 Reported as unfit for service B057
1756/08/11 Order to be sunk as a breakwater at Sheerness B057


Fleet TitleCommanderDate FromDate ToSource
No Fleets Listed


Actions & Battles
1748/10/01 Battle of Havana  


Notes on Ship
No Notes Entered


IdLink or DescriptionAuthor
B057 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792 Rif Winfield
DB034 The Navy in the War of 1739-48 - volume 1 H.W. Richmond
DB035  The Navy in the War of 1739-48 - volume 2 H.W. Richmond
DB036  The Navy in the War of 1739-48 - volume 3 H.W. Richmond

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