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HBMS Romney (1762)

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Romney, 50 Guns



Laid Down1759/10/01B057
ShipyardWoolwich DYB057
DesignerThomas SladeB057
Master ShipbuilderJoseph HarrisB057
RateFourth Rate
TypeShip of the Line
Out Service1804/11/19B057



Length of Gundeck146' 0"
Length of Keel120' 10"
Breadth40' 41/2"
Depth in Hold17' 2"
Draught Forward10' 9"
Draught Aft15' 5"



Date1762/08Broadside Weight 414B057
Lower Gun Deck22British 24-Pounder
Upper Gun Deck22British 12-Pounder
Quarterdeck4British 6-Pounder
Forecastle2British 6-Pounder





Flag Officers

Date FromDate toRank/PositionNameSource
1763/061766/10Rear-Admiral of the WhiteAlexander ColvillB057
1767/031771/03CommodoreSir Samuel HoodB057
1776/041777/02Vice-Admiral of the BlueJohn MontaguB057
1779/04/191779/05CommodoreGeorge JohnstonB057
1779/051779/12Rear-Admiral of the BlueJohn Lockhart RossB057
1779/121781/11CommodoreGeorge JohnstonB057
1782/031783/01CommodoreJohn EliotB057
1792/031793/01Rear-Admiral of the BlueSamuel Granston GoodallB057
1795/061797/06Vice-AdmiralSir James WallaceB057
1797/071798Vice-AdmiralWilliam WaldegraveB057



Date FromDate toRankNameSource
1762/081763/02Post CaptainRobert WalsinghamB057
1763/061766/10Post CaptainJames FergusonB057
1767/031770Post CaptainJohn CornerB057
17701770/10Post CaptainHyde ParkerB057
1770/10/031771/03Post CaptainRobert LinzeeB057
1775/041775/05/11CommanderSir George Keith ElphinstoneB057
1775/041776/04Rear-Admiral of the BlueRobert DuffB057
1775/05/111776/04Post CaptainSir George Keith ElphinstoneB057
1776/03/211777/02Post CaptainElliott SalterB057
1777/021779Post CaptainGeorge MontaguB057
17791779/04/19Post CaptainGeorge JohnstonB057
1779/04/191779/05Post CaptainRobert Boyle NicholasB057
1779/051779/12Post CaptainGeorge JohnstonB057
1779/121781/11Post CaptainRoddam HomeB057
1782/031782/07Post CaptainJohn WickeyB057
1782/071783/01Post CaptainThomas LewesB057
1783/011783/04Post CaptainSamuel OsbornB057
1792/031793/03Post CaptainSir William DomettB057
1793/031794/12Post CaptainWilliam PagetB057
1794/121795/03Post CaptainSir Charles HamiltonB057
1795/031795/06CommanderHenry InmanB057
1795/061797/06Post CaptainFrank SotheronB057
1797/061797/07Post CaptainPercy FraserB057
1797/071798/03Post CaptainJohn BlighB057
1798/031800/08Post CaptainJohn LawfordB057
1800/081803/04Post CaptainSir Home Riggs PophamB057
1803/041804/10Post CaptainWilliam BrownB057
1804/101804/11/19Post CaptainJohn ColvillB057



Date FromDate ToRank/PositionNameSource
17971802/10MidshipmanSamuel AllenB082

Crew Members

Date FromDate ToRank/PositionNameSource
1798/03/101800/08BoyAndrew O'BrienB080


Service record

1762/09/04Completed at a cost of £26,492.17.2d including fittingB057
1763/02Paid offB057
1763/02Recommissioned for North AmericaB057
1766/10Paid offB057
1767/03Started a small repair and refit at PortsmouthB057
1767/04Completed repair and refit at a cost of £3,799.2.2dB057
1767/05/20Sailed for North AmericaB057
1771/03Paid offB057
1773/05Started a large repair and refitt at DeptfordB057
1775/04Recommissioned as flagship for the Newfoundland stationB057
1775/05Completed repair and refit at a cost of £19,614.18.7dB057
1775/06/09Sailed for the Newfoundland stationB057
1777/04/14Sailed for NewfoundlandB057
1778/04/28Sailed for NewfoundlandB057
1779In the ChannelB057
1779/04Began a refit and coppering at PlymouthB057
1779/05Completed refit and coppering at a cost of £4,650.19.9dB057
1779/09Sailed to the relief of GuernseyB057
1779/10/31Sailed for the Lisbon stationB057
1779/11/11In company with Tartar took the Santa MargaritaB057
1780/07/03Took the Artois (38)B057
1780/07/06Took the Perle (18) off FinisterreB057
1781/03/13Sailed for the East Indies as convoy escortB057
1781/07/21Took part in the attack on Dutch East Indiamen in Saldahna BayB057
1781/11Returned homeB057
1782/10/17Took the privateer Comte de Bois-Goslin (12) off UshantB057
1783/04Paid offB057
1790/04Started a great repair and refit at WoolwichB057
1792/05Completed repair and refit at a cost of £31,375B057
1792/06/18Sailed for the MediterraneanB057
1794/06/17Took the French frigate Sybille in Mykonos HarbourB057
1795/06/18Sailed for NewfoundlandB057
1796/05/24Sailed for NewfoundlandB057
1797/04/28Sailed for NewfoundlandB057
1803/04Returned to Chatham and paid offB057
1803/06Started refitting at ChathamB057
1803/08Completed refitting at a cost of £7,847B057
1804/11/19Wrecked on the Haak Sand off Texel with the loss of eleven men drownedB057


Actions & Battles

1781/04/16Battle of Port Praya



No Notes Entered



B057British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792Rif Winfield
B082The Navy List 1865The Admiralty
B080A Naval Biographical Dictionary 1849O'Brien

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